Monster Cable Mini Power Strip

Dontcha just HATE that hotels only have one plug that is available. Sometimes reaching that one particular plug turns you into a contortionist, stretching and possibly pulling a muscle, just to get the prongs in the outlet. What if you want to charge more than one electronic item?

No longer does a traveler have to moan and groan while reaching to plug in the cell phone charger. No longer does a traveler have to switch out items for charging. This power strip from has multiple outlets, including a USB charging port. Now all of your charging problems are eliminated.

Monster Cable’s mini power strips are a compact and convenient way to power your devices. The dual sided design includes wide spaced outlets so you can plug in large adapter plugs. You can safely charge up to four devices at a time as these mini power strips come equipped with a resettable circuit breaker to prevent overloads. The 24k gold plated plug is corrosion resistant to provide you the best possible power transfer and it illuminates to indicate you are receiving power. Monster’s power strips are ideal for travel as the flat wrap cord folds away neatly and will fit into a standard sized laptop or travel bag. These 4 outlet power strips are ideal for use on laptops, cell phones, PDA’s and charging stations.

Congratulations to Steve Scott who can now charge multiple electronics while traveling.

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