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Travel Sized Gifts for the Holidays

If you’re searching for those last minute stocking stuffers this holiday season, we’ve put together a list of small, travel sized items that not only fit in the stockings, but also travel well.

tide_to_go_miniTide to Go – I don’t know about you, but my chest area seems to be a magnet for bright colored, liquid culinary delights. My mom turned me on to this pocket sized product to wipe off small food messes when I’m traveling. Thank goodness for Tide To Go Mini because it never fails – every time I wear a light colored shirt on an airplane, I end up with a seatmate who orders a Bloody Mary and seems to have shaky hands as the red drink hovers over my white shirt. I’m a big fan of Tide due to Tide Loads of Hope.

Anne Taintor Emery BoardsEmery Boards – Every traveling mama needs an emory board in her bag for smoothing nicked nails. Plus, since fingernail files are banned from carry-ons, even the TSA approves of the cardboard version. Many dollar shops and drugstores carry a wide variety with various designs and colors. A cute idea is the Anne Taintor matchbook style purse size emery boards that come in a 12 pack. My personal favorite design is the Thelma and Louise.

Reporter’s Notebook – A reporter’s notebook is a must-have for anyone working on a story or taking notes while on location. Electronics serve their purpose, as does the recorder function on them, but I’m still tech-challenged at moments and just like to write down my thoughts with pen and paper. If you don’t know what a reporter’s notebook is, it is the long, slim, top-spiral notebook found at any general store and works well for right-handed and left-handed people. There are plenty of plain reporter’s notebooks, but I’m totally digging this Rebecca Bonbon notebook.

Gracie Designs Travel Passport Cover EtsyPassport Holders – The US State Department does not allow placing your passport in a holder or case when going through customs, but traveling mamas need to be fashionable when on the move. Keep your passport looking good when traveling and take it out the case when going through customs. There are tons of passport holders available from almost every purse company and in gift stores. A cute one I found are from an Etsy shop called Gracie Designs. They’re not only adorable, but they’re very affordable!

Vera Bradley Ball Point PenInk Pens – A traveling mama always needs to keep a working ink pen in her purse when filling out those customs forms or signing all those credit card slips. Sure, a few generic ink pens will do the trick, but why not kick it up a notch and get her an ink pen that’s blinged out or has floral pattern? I keep a Vera Bradley ball point pen in my backpack and have another in my purse.

puffs_goTissue – I just love it when someone gives me a cute designer pocket tissue pack or one with a witty quote on it. I run out of these quickly and when I’m traveling, the air pressure inside the cabin inevitably causes my sinuses to expand and I’ll be in need of more tissue. If you can’t find a groovy designer pack, you can’t go wrong with Puffs to go, the pocket friendly size of tissue to keep your nose clean and comfy during this cold and flu season.

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