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TravelingMamas.com at #CES 2011

For years I’ve dreamed of attending CES – the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s an annual event where the cream of the tech crop introduces the newest and most innovative tech gadgets coming to consumer markets. Last year, my teen son watched the coverage live via G4TV and we would discuss the newest gaming computers, the latest games, and the cool gadgets being introduced. My father has been a tech lover since I can remember. My first memory was of our two piece VCR that graced our living room on a glass pedestal next to the television. Our only remote control at the time was my brother and I, as we would take turns clicking the dial back and forth until my dad was satisfied with his channel choice.

My firstborn and my dad have been absolutely dying to attend CES. Myself, I’m somewhat of a closet tech nerd, playing with gadgets while no one is home and secretly thumbing through my son’s Think Geek catalog. Then, a strange thing happened recently. There was a lunar eclipse and soon after a trip I was planning had to be rearranged due to some crazy events. As if the moon and the stars had aligned for a strange and unbelievable moment, I received an email from a PR firm asking if I would be interested in attending CES and providing my personal perspective.

My response, (which was directed to my son and dad) – “So long!” <insert evil laugh>

I’ll be attending and providing my CES perspective, thanks to Nokia. I’ll also be putting down my current mobile device and using the Nokia N8 as my mobile technology during this event, as well as livestreaming at various points throughout the week. I’m armed with a request list from my dad and son, along with a few other requests from Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Of course, I have my own interests while there, including checking out some travel related gadgets and lifestyle technology.

I can’t wait to reconnect with blogging friends and I’m looking forward to making new ones, including the other bloggers attending to give their CES perspectives, thanks to Nokia.

In full disclosure, I feel like I won a big contest or lottery. Nokia is taking care of transportation, lodging, and some meals and has asked that I provide my own personal perspective of the CES experience, no strings attached. This is not my normal press trip experience. I will not have special access to some of the press-only events and will be attending only as a general attendee, as far as I am aware. Of course, my mama raised me to be courteous of my hosts, so I do plan on checking out all the things Nokia has slated for the show, in addition to the other brands in attendance.

If you would like to see something in particular at CES 2011 and are unable to attend the event yourself, please leave your request in the comment section and I’ll do my best to take photos and livestream for you. My dad has already emailed me a list of booths he wants me to check out and has in-depth questions for each one. Of course, my son wants me to carry around a life-size photo of him and take a photo with the G4TV personalities.

I’m very excited and also a teensy bit intimidated to attend my first CES. I feel like a pirate armed with a treasure map as I plan to weave my way from hotel to hotel and booth to booth looking for the treasure. I’ll be searching diligently for the best new travel and lifestyle technology (along with cool gaming gadgets) about to enter the consumer market so I can share these finds with you.

You can follow the adventure starting today here on TravelingMamas.com and by following me on Twitter: @CajunMama and @TravelingMamas.

Disclosure: My CES Perspective is thanks to Nokia.

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