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Community Coffee on the RoadI begin each morning with Community Coffee, a brand that’s been enjoyed by my family for more than four generations. It was there for me as a child, as I sipped coffee milk while watching Saturday morning cartoons. It got me through those college years, and has been with me through 18 years of working shift work in the fire service. Community Coffee was there for me, each time a hurricane hit our area, and we made our brew old-school with camping supplies. Community Coffee is also my travel companion, accompanying me from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport (it’s served in the cafe once you get through security), a fresh cup in my travel tumbler as I board the flight to my next adventure.

No matter how I travel, be it a family road trip, a train trip, or to a far off destination, I bring along my own coffee supplies. I do my best to find out which type of coffee maker is in my hotel room, and pack accordingly. Here’s what I have in my travel coffee supply pack:

  • 4-Cup Filter Packs of Community Coffee
  • Community Coffee Pods
  • Premium Travel Tumbler (must be taken out of bag to go through security)
  • Packets of raw sugar
  • A few plastic stirrers
  • Packets of powdered creamer

Louisiana favorite Community CoffeeI pack according to the number of days I’ll be away, along with a little bit extra in case my flight is delayed or I need an extra cup. This is all placed in a quart zippered bag and placed in my carry on. If we are on a road trip and staying in a condo, I just pack a few coffee filters in a small, round plastic container, along with my coffee in a zippered bag and a Community Coffee plastic measured scoop.

Now, I used to be up a creek if I ended up in a hotel with a Kuerig coffee maker, however my friend and sometimes travel companion MommyMusings came up with a great way to refill a K-cup using your own coffee grounds. Problem solved!

I’ve teamed up with Community Coffee to offer one reader of TravelingMamas.com a chance to win a collection of Community Coffee travel friendly products.

The Prize:

The winner will get to choose which roast, based on their preference. We’re traditional Louisiana coffee lovers and drink dark roast at our home, but if you are new to Community Coffee, you may want to start with Cafe Special or a medium roast.

How to Enter:

Just leave a comment telling us about an experience with an in-room coffee maker at a hotel, or leave a tip on how you travel with coffee. That’s it! You must be 18 years or older to enter and live in the US. One entry per email address per day. We will recover all valid comments from spam.

Bonus Entries: Once you leave your initial entry comment, you are eligible for bonus entries. Be sure to leave each bonus entrie as its own comment to be counted.

That’s it! Contest entries will close at 11:59 PM CST on August 25, 2011.

Giveaway items provided by Community Coffee. I’ve been drinking this coffee since I was two years old and it is a staple in my home. TravelingMamas.com is not sponsored by Community Coffee, however we do enjoy stopping in their office for conversation and a cup of coffee. It is a family owned business based in Louisiana that we support. All opinions are my own.

Winner Update: Congrats to Marjorie from New York who won this giveaway.

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  1. My travel coffee tip is to always pack something special to give as a hostess gift. I choose something special and indulgent, so it’s a win-win for the coffee recipient AND yours truly. 🙂

  2. we stayed in Baton Rouge for 3 weeks, and what a treat it was to have Community Coffee any time i wanted it. while everyone slept, i would brew a cup in room using the in-room coffee maker and CC pods to take with me to walk our dog. we ate breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant every morning, where Fresh Brewed Community Coffee was readily available, i always took a cup of CC to go. by late afternoon, another coffee craving would set in and I could make a another quick cup in-room, and every evening in the Executive Lounge i indulged in a sweet treat and yet another cup of Community Coffee. thank goodness, my local grocer in Texas stocks a very nice selection of Community Coffee products i can continue indulging even when i’m not in Louisiana.

    ***i drink alot of water too 🙂

  3. Having been caught in one too many hotel rooms with stale coffee (brand uknown to most people) and small cups, my husband and I have created our own coffee travel kit.

    Into an empty laundry basket goes our 4 cup coffeemaker (one we bought just for travel), our 4 cup coffee filters, our huge cannister of Community Dark Roast, anotheor cannister of our raw sugar, our regular coffee cups and a couple of plastic spoons.

    Personally, I feel a little white-trashy hauling our laundry basket into the hotel room, especially if we have to walk through the hotel lobby to get to our room! Trying to get hubby to graduate to a couple of reusable shopping bags but so far it’s not working.

    We rarely travel by plane these days so I’m not sure how I’d work this for air travel. But dang it, I’m a snobby, coffee-holic who has to have my Community Coffee. I’d figure out a way, even if I’d have to ship my coffee kit to my hotel!

  4. Hotel coffee makers never seem to work right for me. However, I love coffee, especially community coffee. Has a great taste!

  5. Normally I drink way more then 4 cups of coffee in the morning, road trips I bring a 12 cupper, if I am flying and staying in a hotel I make sure I can order room service and order the Large pot. It also serves as my alarm clock in the morning 🙂

  6. I love the coffee in Hawaii. Every hotel has the stuff . . . it all tastes great!
    I don’t know how they do it, as I do not find this to be true anywhere else–well, maybe some places in Europe. Would love to try this coffee!

  7. I wonder sometimes if the coffeemakers in hotels are ever washed! One time there was no coffeemaker at a hotel in Las Vegas, so we bought a small travel sized one and a pound of coffee at a Walgreens to use in the room!

  8. I don’t really travel anymore, but when I do, I kind of go with whatever I can find.

  9. I remember on year were traveling up north and we stay in a little hotel. There was a coffee maker in the room but, no coffee. After that my husband and I learned to take our coffee w/ us and it is Community Coffee. We never leave home without our coffee.
    Like on FB and thanks for the great sweep. Hope to win 🙂

  10. Community is the only coffee that my son-n-law will drink. We have tried other coffee but this is his favorite. He works in a ship yard and is up at 4am everymorning. SO when my daughter, grandson and I go on trips to visit family we don’t take the coffee we get the coffee ready for him. We have the coffee, measuring spoon, filters and cups ready for him to get the pot ready every night for the next morning.. So he can kick start his day with his COMMUNITY coffee. Don’t tell anyone but I have a tupperware bowl with my community coffee, filters for the road trip. I always take the large travel mug. Those little cups in those motels rooms don’t hold enough for my grandson to drink. (he is 17 months old).

  11. We stayed at a hotel once that had a little sign next to the coffeemaker in our room that said if you wanted an extra pack of coffee, it would cost $2.00. No way was I going to pay that! Now we travel with our own coffee filter packs. We love Community Coffee.

  12. When I was on a business trip to Milwaukee, I stayed at a hotel that had communiy coffee and thouht t was really great!

  13. Though I never drink it at home, I take a jar of instant coffee when we travel.

  14. We all too often have lousy hotel room coffee. It’s gotten to a point where we actually look for hotels that brew coffee frequently for their guests!

  15. I always get excited when I see Community Coffee in our hotel room. I have had bad experiences with the other brands some chains leave in their rooms.

  16. I always bring my own coffee and cremora when traveling as I cannot drink the coffee provided in the hotel rooms. It is always terrible.

  17. I have learned to take my own coffeepot(a small one) and coffee because hotel coffee is nasty. I take a coffeepot, coffee, cream sugar and cups and spoons. Carry it all in a small travel tote.

  18. This was a horrible experience, I couldn’t get it to turn off. Finally, my bright hubby said just pull the plug.

  19. We usually have to buy our coffee when traveling…we really should devise a better way.

  20. Hotel coffee has been great at a few places I’ve been in, but,many of the economy places ( motels) have the stale grinds that have been sitting in boxes for 8 or 9 months.

  21. i have learned the hard way from traveling to bring my own coffee when traveling and a small coffee maker comes along for the ride too

  22. I always bring my own coffee when traveling as I cannot drink the coffee provided in the hotel rooms. It is always terrible.

  23. I despise in-room coffee makers and coffee because they only have powdered creamer, YUK. I make my boyfriend go to the nearest coffee shop for some good brew.

  24. We almost always bring our coffee maker with us, with our coffee and creamer. We’ve stayed at even expensive hotels, and some don’t even HAVE coffee makers… 🙁

  25. Well, we stayed at one place that had coffee but no cream. We love strong coffee but have to have cream. My hubby always brings his chocolate stevia, so we took the cups of coffee and went to a store and bought cream. Had to but it was good!
    spcale at yahoo dot com.

  26. We don’t drink coffee in hotels anymore because we came across a pot with the used coffee and filter in it and not cleaned!

  27. when i travel with coffee, i usually bring my own mug from home so that i don’t have to use the little disposable cups in the hotel room, thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  28. I have a French press travel mug and use that on some trips or instant coffee for a quick fix.

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