Walt Disney World with Kids 2011 and Giveaway

Taking a family vacation to Walt Disney World can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have children of varying age ranges. You probably want to know about the special attractions for toddlers and pre-schoolers at Disney. Then there are the big kids, tweens, and teens. But what’s cool for one age group isn’t necessarily fun for another age group. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the kids involved in planning that family vacation to Walt Disney World so that everyone will have happy family travel memories.

Walt Disney World with Kids 2011 by Kim Wright WileyA few years ago we reviewed and hosted a giveaway of Walt Disney World with Kids 2009 by Kim Wright Wiley. We’re excited to be able to give away the recently updated Walt Disney World with Kids 2011. Kim has updated this guide, published by Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, Inc. to bring readers the most up to date information available in a guidebook for Walt Disney World.

We’re big fans of Walt Disney World here at TravelingMamas.com, with ThemeParkMom and MommyMusings living so close to the resort. It isn’t too hard for us to promote another great product that provides an easy to reference guide to all things Walt Disney World.

One aspect of Kim’s guide that is important for family vacations with little kids that I like is how she lists scare factors for the various theme park rides. Nothing’s worse than getting on a ride with a younger child, only to discover halfway through that it’s just a little bit too intense for the child.

Kim, a mother of two, wrote the first edition of Walt Disney World with Kids in 1989 and has logged more than 50 visits to the park, a statistic that stuns even her. She is the Disney expert for Fodors.com and a contributing editor at Disney Magazine and family.com—and since she’s not under the thumb of the park, she’s not afraid to tell it like it is!

We like moms with honest opinions and we want to share Kim’s updated version of Walt Disney World with Kids 2011 with a few of our readers. Four randomly chosen winners will each get one (1) copy of Walt Disney World with Kids 2011. This contest is open to readers WORLDWIDE, as long as they are at least 21 years of age or older. Just leave a comment about a favorite theme park visit (or if you’ve never been anywhere, just leave a comment). Contest ends November 14, 2010 at 11:59PM CST. One entry per day per email address. Winner will be announced after the close of the contest on this post. Current and former contributors of TravelingMamas.com not eligible to enter.

Be sure to check out Fodors.com for a wide array of Walt Disney World travel information and also check out our own ThemeParkMom’s blog full of all things theme parks, including happenings at Walt Disney World.

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  1. I realized how great Disney World was when I went with my husband prior to having our daughter. We had so much fun and enjoyed every second of our trip. It truly is a magical place!

  2. I’ve only ever been to Disneyland in SoCal and I love it, especially the Indy Jones ride!!

  3. we just love disney…last year on my birthday was the best because it was my daughter’s first time and she loved it!

  4. We just love Disneyland. Went as a child, adult, and now a parent. It is so magical for the children who adore their princesses. We are going for the first time in January to Disney World and then a Disney cruise. Looking forward to it and also looking forward to my research. Thanks to fellow moms like you who can provide great tips!

  5. Disney World is my favorite theme park. I have many wonderful memories there, starting with the first time I saw Main Street USA when I was 12 years old. Seeing Cinderella’s castle for the first time is beyond words.

  6. I won a local contest one-time that put us in the Contemporary…my kids loved seeing Cindrella’s Castle from their hotel room window! It also gave us VIP parade passes – all of the characters interacted with my kids!

  7. My favorite Disney moment was in September- we took our two year old son to Disneyland for the first time. I’m not sure there is anything that can compare to watching your child as he experiences Disney for the first time. Our number one goal was for him to meet Mickey Mouse- and he did. He was so star struck – gave Mickey a big hug and brought tears to my eyes. It truly is the happiest place on Earth and I cannot wait to take him to Disney World someday.

  8. My favorite Disney experience was when I took my daughter for the first time when she was three and she saw the castle for the first time and her eyes just lit up and she was so amazed at everything she saw. We love Disney.

  9. I have never been to Disney World, but my boyfriend plans to take me this summer because we’re going to visit his mother in Miami! I’m really excited. Thanks!

  10. I went first to Disney World with my BFF and we both loved it. We were young adults and still thrilled by the magical places, the attraction and the spirit. I am now going back with my 2 little girls in January and we are all looking forward to it even if we also dread the shopping frenzy as well as the food. But if that’s the price to have mesmerized kids remember their first US vacations, then let’s do it !

  11. I absolutely LOVE Disneyworld. Last trip was in 2006 to celebrate my graduation from nursing school… my kids and I loved it! Hope to go back next year!

  12. The last time I went to Disney World I was 12 and had a great time. I would love to take my kids.

  13. I would love to take my kids to disney world but can’t afford it my job has ended for the summer i’m a bus aid my husband bus driver it also ended he works part time at hardware store i wish i could take them i went when i was little girl now i’m 33 years old no money to take them.

  14. Hi, my name is Tracy and husband name is Aramin.. We live in Illinois, I see so many great comments about disney world its seems like a dream come true trip of a life time.. My 3 kids always talk about Disney World, but to its just another dream. My husband is in the military and hard trying to make ends meet, but one day hope to win a family trip of a life time there, so we can many comments along with all of yours 🙂
    The Tosses Family.!

  15. Hi im a 33year old mother of 3 with one autistic son. We have never been to disney world I could never aford being a single mom working as a cna living paycheck to paycheck. Hope me an the kids can win a dream vacation. Thank u

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