Startup Bus 2012: Qbeeco, The Family App that eliminates Mom’s nagging @qbeeco #eb12

I just got word of a new product being introduced by a Mama friend of mine traveling through Europe on a “Startup Bus” from Copenhagen to LeWeb in Paris. Startup Bus: Europe is an international competition that pits Buspreneurs from different European regions against one another. She is blogging her adventure at:

She’s joined a team on the bus that has started a company called QBeeco – an online platform to track chores & rewards for kids aged 7-11. QBeeco makes kids more responsible and parents more involved, especially when time is scarce and parents often travel.

From the QBeeco new website: “Even the littlest bee can help out at the hive. Sometimes you just need to give a little direction. In the QBeeco world, you and your child work together to build their responsibilities & rewards.”

They’ll be launching a beta test in January 2013 – and I invite you to sign up on the website (, follow them on Twitter (@qbeeco) and follow them on Facebook (

More about Startup Bus:
Startup Bus exists to create a community of the best “hackers, hipsters and hustlers” in the world. The competition itself forges these “buspreneurs” together through shared experience and is a vehicle that fosters talent that have the capacity to change the status quo. StartupBus has evolved from an experiment to a competition and an international community of unique people. The annual competition has grown across two continents as the type of institution that leaves a lasting legacy on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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