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Tips for New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Times Square Ball - New Year's Eve 2008If you’re one of the lucky ones who get to watch the famous Waterford Ball Drop in New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve, you may already have your game plan lined out for the evening’s festivities. However, with all the flight delays and increase in the number of holiday visitors to New York City for the holidays, it may be your first time to experience a New Year’s Eve celebration in the most famous spot in the world for this event.

Tips for watching the ball drop live in New York City:

Make a New Year’s Wish – Try to get to the Times Square Visitor Center before New Year’s Eve and leave a wishon the wishing wall to be included in the confetti drop at midnight. This year, Carnival Cruise Lines is the official sponsor of the Carnival Wishing Wall and your wish just might be part of the magic that floats down on the crowd standing in Times Square as the ball drops at midnight.

One Times Square – This is the official address for the ball drop, but let’s be real, the intense crowds may be in a festive mood, but they’ll definitely be out in full force. Get there early enough to secure your own space.

Dress Warm – Recent blizzard. It will be cold. Keep your digits wrapped warmly and have the rest of yourself bundled up also.

Leave the backpack at your hotel – Security is always tight in NYC and New Year’s Eve is a time when the NYPD is even more vigilant. Bags will not be allowed into the area of Times Square on New Year’s Eve for the ball drop.

No Open Alcohol – You’re not in New Orleans and this isn’t Bourbon Street. New York City does not allow open containers, even on New Year’s Eve.

The Need to Pee – Once you find your spot to watch the ball drop, there’s no leaving. Keep your fluid intake to a minimum and be sure to do your business before getting to your ball drop watch spot. There is a public restroom near Times Square sponsored by Charmin but it’s only open until 3pm.

Times Square on New Year's Day

Spending New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square to watch the live ball drop is an experience you’ll never forget. Enjoy the moment, lift your face towards the sky, and smile as the world rings in the new year. Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. Number one tip is don’t bring sand to the beach! or Don’t bring fruit to the BIG Apple. I told m ex I was going to New York for New Years and he decided to tag along. It ruined my whole girl’s night getaway. 🙁

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