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The Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History

It’s Day 2 of my family’s holiday weekend in New York City. We headed straight for the American Museum of Natural History this morning.

My daughter had several must-see items on her checklist, all from a recent viewing of “Night at the Museum”: the blue whale, the T-rex, and the Polynesian statue that calls Ben Stiller “dum-dum.”

But one of the biggest delights of the day was a visit to the Butterfly Conservatory. We have visited similar attractions – greenhouses filled with butterflies – in Jacksonville and Denver. But New York City’s had more butterflies than we had seen elsewhere.

There’s something enchanting about watching them flutter around. The Theme Park Kid was especially delighted when two chose to land on her wrist.

One of the butterflies took such a liking to her that we had to go to great lengths to get him to fly away, calling a staff member over to get him off. (There are staunch rules against touching the butterflies.)

The Butterfly Conservatory is VERY warm. Be sure to visit the coat check before heading inside.

Last night, our daughter reported that she “thought New York would have more signs.” We’re headed to Times Square tonight to prove to her that there are plenty of signs in this city!

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