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Fun Tips to Prepare for a Disney Vacation

I’ve got Disney on the brain, thanks to the recent Disney Dream cruise ship launch, my upcoming stint as a chaperone for a school Disney trip, and next month’s Disney Social Media Moms event. I’ve been brainstorming on how to make the school trip even more fun and exciting than it already is. I’ll admit, the thought of being chaperone to middle school girls scares the you-know-what out of me, but I know that when we board the bus to drive to Orlando, the fun will just be starting.

Here are some of the ways we’ve been preparing for our Disney road trip.

Bring Along a Buddy – Of course, all kids want to bring their friends on vacation, especially a Disney vacation, but why not surprise your traveling group with a new traveling buddy? Duffy the Disney Bear is Mickey Mouse’s journey friend and he can be yours too. If you can’t start your trip out with Duffy, find another special Disney character to take your trip with you.

Make a Custom Disney Parks Map – Did you know that you can go online before your Disney Vacation and make your own, special map of the parks? You can have the maps delivered to your home or print them out yourself. The custom Disney maps are FREE and take about 2-4 weeks for delivery. You can choose a classic map theme or a character map.

Decorate your car – If you’re planning a family road trip to Disney, then why not go all out and decorate your vehicle? Car window paint in various colors can be found at your local variety store. Also, The Disney Store sells antenna toppers and window decals.

Matching Pajamas – Since my daughter and I are sharing a room, we thought it would be fun to get matching Disney pajamas. Walmart offers some Tinkerbell pajama sets that would work for all seasons. If you really want to kick the fun up a notch, the Tinkerbell fleece footies pjs are just the thing. There are also Minnie Mouse pajamas available online at Walmart.comm

Character Backpacks – You’re never too old to carry around a backpack and if you’re going to a theme park, you might as well let your inner kid shine. I just ordered a Disney character backpack with my favorite character – Agent P from Phineas and Ferb. To make things even sweeter, the backpack was on sale at DisneyStore.com. A classy black Disney Parks backpack can also be found online at regular price.

Mary Poppins Musical: Carpetbag Keychain – If you pack day bags like I do, then it’s not only a fun addition, but totally appropriate to add a Mary Poppins Musical: Carpetbag Keychain to your bag. I don’t carry a very large bag, but I’ve figured out how to make the most of each available square inch of space inside the bag. The Disney Store even sells a miniature version of Mary Poppins’ Carpetbag that will have you singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”  as you pack away.

Disney Movies – We’re taking a charter bus for the group, but not matter how you decide to travel, you’ll probably have a way to watch your favorite Disney movies. Pack along a few of your favorites and some family classics to gear up for your Walt Disney World Resorts Parks visit.

Personalized Blanket – I don’t know about you, but when I’m traveling I get cold and want to cuddle up and take a nap. The Disney Store online has some classic character fleece throws on sale and they can even be personalized. No more fighting over the blankets!

Matching Group Jackets – One way to identify and keep up with a group of kids is to have them all wear something easy to keep up with. We were lucky to find these Mickey Mouse fleece jackets in red for all the girls to wear when it is cool in the parks. At less than 50% off the regular price, the girls will have matching Disney jackets – with their names on them – for less than $20!

Arrive to a Surprise – Did you know that if you are staying at a Disney Resort property that you can arrange to have your room decorated by the Disney Floral and Gift Shop when you arrive? There’s a variety of celebration gifts for any situation or as a special welcome to Disney. We’re going for the American All-Stars Dance Competition and there’s even an inspirational in-room gift for that occasion! Parents who aren’t going on the trip can send their dancer Minnie’s Pep Rally along with a rose sprinkled with pixie dust and a special note that reads:

“Pixie dust was sprinkled on this rose to provide a magical wish for your competition tomorrow. We believe in you!”

Disney - Happy Birthday Walt! (Explored)

Now THAT’S a magical, special way to prepare for a Disney vacation. I’m getting teary-eyed thinking of my little girl turning 13 while we’re there. She’s the baby and time is passing by fast. I’m glad to have this opportunity to experience another special Disney vacation with her. Last time we went to Disney she celebrated turning 11. What do you do to make your trips special?

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  1. Great information!! Thank you for sharing. I too experienced a trip to Disney World Resort in Orando, Florida with a group of third graders. We had all of the children wear the same color t-shirt. It proved priceless during the trip because it made it much eaiser to spot them if they wondered away from the group. It was indeed a “Magical Experience.”

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