Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Film Locations

You’ve read the Twilight Series and watched the Twilight Saga movies Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. You’ve waited patiently for the final installment of the series to come to the big screen, and like all epic films in recent years, Breaking Dawn will be released in two parts.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie Poster

Fans will get to finally witness the wedding of Bella and Edward, along with their romantic honeymoon, and finally the birth of their child, Renesmee. Here’s a sneak peek at the wedding scene:

But once the movies are screened, you may want to see a few of the places where the Twilight movies were filmed. I’m lucky enough to say that the cast of Breaking Dawn spent a few months here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to film some of the in studio scenes. In fact, during the Krewe of Artemis soiree this past Mardi Gras, a few of us were at the bar of the Kingfish at the Hilton Capitol Center along with some of the Breaking Dawn cast members.

Here are some of the locations for filming of Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Saga:

Baton Rouge, LA – Most of the filming in this city took place at Celtic Media Center, the premier studio in the area. Louisiana offers some of the best tax incentives for film production in the US, making this an attraction location for movies on location. This area has been dubbed Hollywood South by many in the film industry. Also, celebrities find south Louisiana a refreshing shoot location because the locals pretty much leave actors alone while they are in town. Most scenes in the movie that were indoors or used a green screen were filmed in Baton Rouge.

Downtown Vancouver – Bella’s house was built in Kerry Park in Surrey. If you want to check out the exact location, it can be found at 28th Avenue at 184th Street.

North Vancouver – If you are looking for the Cullen family home, you’ll find it at the end of Stevens Drive.

Squamish (Vancouver) – Many of the wedding scenes were filmed in and around Squamish. This area was chosen for filming due to its similarity to the Forks, Washington weather and scenery. I can’t wait to take a visit to Shannon Waterfall, which is where some of the filming took place.

Port Coquitlam (Vancouver) – The site of Jacob’s red homestead (where he keeps his dirt bikes) is near Gilley’s Trail.

Paraty (Rio’s South Coast), Brazil – Some night Rio scenes were filmed in Lapa while the boat scene and the cottage on Isle Esme were shot in Paraty. The rental home for the site of the cottage is called Casa Em Paraty, which is creatively translated to “house in Paraty”. The home can be rented for around 7,000 Real (close to $4,000 US) per night and sleeps up to 15 people.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Magen’s Bay is the location for the honeymoon beach scenes and water scenes on the fictional Brazilian island, Isle Esme.

If you get a chance to visit the Olympic Peninsula, be sure to check out our list of things to do in the area. You don’t want to miss the REAL Forks, WA and other places mentioned in the Twilight Series.

Images from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1:

Edward and Bella playing chess on their honeymoon at Isle Esme
Bella swims with Edward on her honeymoon


Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon on Isle Esme

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  1. I love the fact that scenes from Breaking Dawn were filmed in the city I was born in, Baton Rouge, LA. It makes me happy that they enjoyed our great state of Louisiana very much. I hope to see more films done down this way.

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