The Bing Guide to Superbowl XLV for Armchair Travelers and the National Tailgating Champions

This weekend is the biggest football game of the year – Superbowl XLV in Dallas, Texas. The Superbowl isn’t just about football, but a celebration of food, fun, and comeraderie between neighbors. This year, it was also a celebration of the best tailgating in the United States.

Now before you get all heated about why YOU are the best tailgater, I’m just going to lay it all out there and tell you that NO ONE, NO ONE compares to LSU Football tailgating. You can argue all you want, but until you actually experience tailgating in Baton Rouge, you can’t comment. LSU Tailgating is in a league of its own.

For the rest of the tailgaters in the US, Bing hosted the National Tailgating Championship with regionals located all over the country. This was more for the NFL level of tailgating and I’ll admit, it was pretty darn awesome. The regionals were held in Houston, Denver, Phoenix, New York/New Jersey, New Orleans, and Seattle. I had the chance to experience the National Tailgating Championship regionals here in Louisina with four of the most awesome tailgating groups in the area.

Yesterday was the ultimate final round to determine Bing’s National Tailgating Championship. The finalists were:

New Orleans, LA – Tommy Cvitanovich and Drago’s Char Broiling Engine Company

Houston, TX – Jason Saldivar and the Bull’s Eye Tailgaters

Denver, CO – Chase Boswell and the Bronco Bus

Phoenix, AZ – Rob Greer and the Arizona House of Cards team

New York/New Jersey – The Winters Brothers

Seattle, WA – Team Hawk One

The winners of the Bing National Tailgating Championship are from Houston, TX – The Bull’s Eye Tailgaters. They must have had some fantastic eats because after I sampled Drago’s Char Broiling Engine Company, I thought for sure that they would bring home the coveted Golden Grill Trophy. As I write this post, I’m even beginning to crave their shrimp and grits, gumbo, spinach dish, and charbroiled oysters that were at the New Orleans regionals. Plus, anyone who turns a fire engine into a tailgating machine with Jagermeister and beer on tap from the fire hose connections and uses the SCBA storage areas for flat screen televisions is pretty darn awesome in my book. I can assure you I’ll be supporting this restaurant that serves Louisiana seafood by making a visit in the near future.

All About the Superbowl and Football

Bing not only hosted the National Tailgating Championships, but they’ve also put together a comprehensive guide to all things football and Superbowl. If you’re like me and you’ll be traveling to Dallas virtually from your recliner, then Bing’s got you covered. You can find out when to watch ESPN’s new series “I am a World Champion” presented by Bing or even get some delicious superbowl party planning tips from the Commissioner of Tailgating himself, Joe Cahn (a fellow Louisiana native).

If you’re looking for stats on players, places to watch the game, team historical data, tailgating recipes, and anything football related, Bing’s got you covered. Be sure to check out to prepare for this year’s big playoff game between the Steelers and the Packers.

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