Olive Garden – How to Find One

Who would’ve thought that Olive Garden would be the most popular restaurant for a romantic meal? I mean, it’s consistently decent food at an affordable price, but for the second year in a row as I check Google Trends, Olive Garden is the most popular eatery being searched for on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re traveling and you’re looking for an Olive Garden, we’ve got you covered. Just visit the Olive Garden location link and type in your zip code to find an Olive Garden restaurant near your hotel. If you’d like to do a bit of dinner planning, the Olive Garden menu is also available online.

Olive Garden isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. It’s a fabulous lunch spot offering all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks for less than $10. Olive Garden also offers a pretty decent children’s menu with colors and games inside. Every once in a while, we get Olive Garden to go, which is also a great idea for a romantic dinner that won’t break your budget and is easy to serve. After a long day at the office it’s really hard to prepare a romantic dinner. Thank goodness Olive Garden has a to go menu. Just break out a nice bottle of wine from your collection, light a few candles, and serve your Olive Garden dinner in a nice setting.

Getting restaurant meals to go from restaurants like Olive Garden are also a somewhat affordable option for a nice evening on the balcony of you vacation rental. A romantic dinner doesn’t just have to be on Valentine’s Day. However, if you love to cook, Olive Garden recipes are also available online.

Here’s a big tip: If you’re planning on visiting Olive Garden on Valentine’s Day, get there before the crowds or wait for a table to open in the bar area. Remember that Olive Garden is the most popular restaurant on Valentine’s Day, so prepare to wait a while for a table.

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  1. My kids and I had our Valentine’s lunch yesterday after church at Olive Garden! It was a nice pleasant lunch and we each ate something that we enjoyed.

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