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Consolidating all of a traveling mamas’ gear into one carry-on bag can be a daunting task. Shoes are items that can not only take up a lot of space, but can ruin the clothes you pack along beside them. A hot trend I’ve noticed lately is the wide variety of travel shoe bags available for all personalities. They’re not only practical, but they’re cute, too! Here are some of the best shoe bags and totes for women I’ve recently found:

Peek-a-Boo by Leslie Hsu – These canvas shoe bags have a clear window so that your shoes are protected and you can see which shoes are in which bag. Currently they only come in two colors – magenta and beige, but at $14.99 for two, they’re tops on our list. Thanks, Leslie for sending us some samples to test out in the field. They are now a packing staple in my suitcase. These can be purchased online or in store at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Zoe Tote on Etsy – These hand-sewn totes are cute, practical, and fashionable. Adorable woven cotton patterns created into hand sewn shoe totes and finished with a grosgrain ribbon and bead, designed to add flair to your favorite shoes. At $20, you’re not only investing in a fantastic travel accessory, but you’re supporting an independant artist. Purchase online at Zoe Tote’s Etsy Store.

Lillian Vernon Shoe Tote – This is our bargain pick for a family packing a large suitcase. The shoe bag holds six pairs of small shoes. It isn’t compact like many of the other bags on our list, or is it the most stylish, but it is practical and keeps your shoes organized while on the go. This item can also be used at home if you have small living quarters. Just slide the shoe bag under the bed for storage. $19.99 on LillianVernon.com.

Shubi – These shoe totes are a bit more than some of the other shoe bags we recommend, but they are oh so fabulous! Shubi  shoe bags come in a variety of patterns and they’re lined in a coordinating fabric, keeping your shoes from getting scuffed and your finer fabrics from getting nicked by your heels.  The drawstring top is made with grosgrain ribbon and they are machine washable. Pick your favorite fabric and let your shoes travel in style with Shubi. $29 online.

My Tote Chamberlain Shoe Bag – This fashionable shoe bag has been featured in Bride’s Magazine and Oprah Magazine. The shoe bag has two pockets, to keep your shoes from scraping each other during transport, or you can put the shoes on one side and undergarments in the other pocket. The Chamberlain also comes in a swimsuit bag (as seen in Oprah Magazine) and has a waterproof liner. This makes a good option for carrying liquids (in your checked baggage). $27.99 at MyTote.com

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  1. I am having trouble finding the Lillian Vernon shoe tote.
    Thanks for your help.
    Love your site!

  2. Went there myself. Am soooooo disappointed as this looked the best for the $! Unfortunatly, I think they discontinued them at L.V. so guessing this pix at this site is very old. It really should be taken off.
    A bit of a tease to me anyway….

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