Rayovac Indestructible Lights

Have you ever gone camping only to have the sky open up and rain down on your family? I have and I can tell you it’s no fun when you have a little one who’s scared of the dark. If only we would have had a waterproof, shatterproof flashlight.

Rayovac Indestructible LightThis week, while browsing portable grills at Home Depot, I came across the new Rayovac Indestructible line of lights. This new line of lights was introduced on September 5, 2011 and features flahslights with rubber shock absorbers, aluminum titanium body, shatterproof lens and reflector, and is even water resistant. Rayovac tested the Indestructible line with a 30 ft drop test — and it still worked! The best part? They’re not only affordable (at less than $25) but also come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

To celebrate the launch of the new Rayovac Indestructible Lights at Home Depot, Rayovac is featuring a pretty sweet promotion giveaway.

Rayovac Indestructible Promotion:

From Sept 2nd through Oct 3rd enter to win a $1,000 Home Depot gift card along with dally prizes including indestructible lights and batteries.

Grand Prize: $1,000 Home Depot Gift Card
(to be drawn at the end of 30 days)

2 Daily Prizes: 1 pack of Rayovac batteries and 1 Rayovac Indestructible Flashlight each day for 30 days
Contest hosted on Rayovac’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rayovac

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