Carnival Steals the Spotlight With Fantastic #CarnivalLIVE Performances

While most of us probably enjoy the different live stage performances during our cruise vacation, we probably don’t take a cruise BECAUSE of the shows.

Until now, that is.


Carnival Cruise Line has been making waves in recent years with their creative and innovative changes to the on-board experience.  Fantastic new dining choices, impressive bars and improved adult-only relaxation areas.  Heart-pounding obstacle courses, corkscrew water slides and splash parks that make us wish we were 8 again.   Even their brand-new Seuss at Sea program for kids has us excited.  But Carnival LIVE is a truly awesome cruising concept that we haven’t seen before.

Imagine being able to enjoy a live performance in an intimate venue from one of your favorite artists.  There are no bad seats and you didn’t have to fork over a mortgage payment for tickets.  You are so close to the music that it actually enters your SOUL.

This is the way music was meant to be experienced.

Let me take you on a journey with me on my recent Carnival LIVE adventure.

My day started off in Cozumel, Mexico.  I woke up excited because Cozumel happens to be one of my favorite ports.  I hopped a catamaran to an insanely gorgeous island, enjoyed several hours of beach and sun (and unlimited food and drinks!) and then headed back that evening.  After a shower and a change of clothes, I enjoyed a quick dinner on the lido deck and then headed to find my seat in the showroom for the concert.  Really, I had already had the most amazing day.

And then this happened.



While Martina McBride belted out song after song with her amazing voice, I sat there awestruck at what a completely perfect ending this was to an already perfect day.

After her encore performance, she stayed and signed autographs for a few lucky fans.  When was the last time you witnessed this at a sold-out arena concert?


Perhaps that only happened because it was Martina, and Martina is just that fabulous.  Or maybe it happened because she felt the intimacy with us, too.  She told us in an interview later that she feels much more connected when she can actually see the faces of the audience.  She could feel the emotion of the crowd.  So, am I saying that it made all the difference between this performance and one where you’re in the nosebleed section, and your band is so far away that you spend most of your time staring at a Jumbotron?  I definitely think so, but I challenge you to find out for yourself.

The 2014 lineup for Carnival LIVE is impressive, with artists such as Daughtry, Jewel and Lady Antebellum.  And although the list for 2015 hasn’t been announced yet, we hear that even bigger names are in the works.


Carnival is revolutionizing the way we experience entertainment on our cruise, and you don’t want to miss out.  As if a week-long cruise through paradise wasn’t already amazing enough, now you can top it off with a fantastic live performance that makes every other concert you’ve been to pale by comparison.

Never settle for those awful “obstructed view” seats again.  Book your cruise (and concert!) with Carnival and say good-bye to stadium seat altitude sickness.  Trade it in for a great tan, a fruity drink, and the cruise-concert experience of a lifetime.

palmtreeThank you to Carnival for hosting me on the Ecstasy and for the amazing Carnival LIVE experience!


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  1. The show was fabulous and now I’m spoiled! I don’t know that I can ever go back to stadium concerts.

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