I’ve Been to Hell. Really.

Georgetown, Grand Cayman is one of those cruise ports and destinations that offers a number of excursions for the adventurous. A few years ago I went on a 4×4 Adventure around Grand Cayman which ended up turning into a race against the Go Galavanting Gals.

During the recent Fun Ship 2.0 introductory cruise on the Carnival Liberty, I opted to stay onboard the ship so that I could sleep in and enjoy one of the port day spa specials. Little did I know that later in the day I would end up in Hell.

Hell, Grand Cayman

It all began with lunch at Hammerhead’s restaurant, when a colleague took all of our phones and wouldn’t allow any of us to tweet or update our Facebook status during the meal. A few drinks later and I was talked into exploring Grand Cayman with Nancy Schretter and Doug Parker. We hailed a taxi and asked for a quote to Hell. Getting to Hell is relatively cheap, with a beach stop on the way for only $15 per person.

Beach at Grand Cayman

We arrived in Hell and took the obligatory photos.

Hell Grand Cayman photo opp

And don’t worry about keeping in touch with family and friends in Hell, because there is a post office.

Post Office in Hell

Hell is similar to Hawaii. If you take any rocks, you’ll be damned.

Hell Rocks SignFortunately, by the end of our day we were able to quench our thirsts and redeem ourselves in Paradise, within walking distance of the tender boats. I never knew Hell could be so much fun, but glad to end my Grand Cayman adventure in Paradise.

Caybrew at Paradise in Grand Cayman cruise port stop

Special thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for providing this trip to Hell. This was part of the Fun Ship 2.0 media introductory cruise. It was tons of fun and if you plan on a cruise with Grand Cayman on your itinerary, a trip to Hell is a must. At least once.

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