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Carnival Sunshine Virtual Tour and Vacation Awesome-Ation Event

Carnival Cruise Lines just released a virtual tour of the Carnival Sunshine, the latest transformation in the Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 Fleet. Carnival has taken the Destiny, put the ship into drydock for 49 days, and has turned her into the Carnival Sunshine, the biggest and most expensive ship renovation to date ($155MIL).

Carnival AwesomeAtion

The Carnival Sunshine will be spending her first season in the Mediterranean, but when fall arrives in the US, so will the Carnival Sunshine. The ship will call New Orleans, Louisiana her home port. You can bet I’ll be there to welcome her arrival to my home state. After watching the virtual tour, I’m excited about some of the changes. Take a look!

The Carnival Sunshine will offer most of my Fun Ship 2.0 enhancement favorites, such as Carnival Waterworks (the biggest one to date), the RedFrog Rum Bar, Guy’s Burger Joint, and Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and Cantina. There’s the Sky Course, but I’ll tell you what excited me the most: Serenity, the adult only relaxation area.

Serenity on the Carnival Sunshine isn’t the same as it is on other Carnival ships. On the Sunshine, Serenity adult retreat is three levels, has a pool, a waterfall, and the best part? It’s on the OTHER SIDE OF THE SHIP FROM CARNIVAL WATERWORKS!!!! You can take a closer look at all the details at Carnival.com/Sunshine.

Also, Carnival Cruise Lines is in the middle of their Vacation Awesome-Ation Event, where they are giving away upgrades, onboard, credit, and even a cruise! Of course, this event is only going on for a few more days and you are only eligible if you book a cruise, but you can reserve a cruise right now for only $50! Even if you aren’t booking at cruise this week, and you are active on social media (Facebook and/or Twitter), you can enter to get a piece of the Carnival Destiny and an unbelievable cruise on the Carnival Sunshine with the current “Grab You Destiny Contest“.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take a number of cruises the past few years, many which have been on Carnival’s new Fun Ship 2.0 enhanced ships. Be sure to check out TravelingMamas.com’s section all about cruise travel.

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