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Behind the Scenes on the Disney Dream

We’re very fortunate at TravelingMamas.com to get some unbelievable experiences and amazing adventures to share online with our readers. While I was in Lanai, Hawaii as part of the New Media Artists in Residence Program, a few of the other mamas were sailing the high seas with Disney Cruise Line onboard the Christening Cruise of the Disney Dream.

It’s been fun to observe ThemeparkMom get ready for her family’s first cruise experience and to see just how excited MommyMusings could get when her invitation was initially sent to her home. I can’t personally vouce for Disney Cruise Line as I have yet to experience a cruise with this company, but judging from the tweets, posts, and stories coming from the experience, Disney really knows cruising. Here are some of the more informative posts I’ve found that deserve to be recognized for giving readers a behind the scenes look at the the Disney Dream that doesn’t just entertain, but informs readers planning their own cruise on the Disney Dream.

The Invitation

The cruise itself was a brief media preview where media members were allowed to bring along family for a charge. Ricky from Inside the Magic shares his invitation along with photos of the invitation package. He even shows a photo of the view inside the invitation.

The Christening Celebration

MommyMusings shares fantastic photos of the Disney Dream Christening celebration, including a great shot of the ship’s godmother, Jennifer Hudson.

The Stars

There were lots of tweets and posts about the various stars onboard the Disney Dream christening voyage, including the ship’s godmother, Jennifer Hudson, but another popular star everyone was talking about was Whoopi Goldberg. With 3,000 passengers onboard the Disney Dream, there’s no telling who the media would bump into in the elevator or standing in line for the AquaDuck. ThemeparkMom had a chance to sit and chat with Disney CEO Bob Iger while on the ship.

The Ship

I loved seeing photos live from the ship from MommyMusings and ThemeparkMom. MommyMusings has photos of various ship decks and even their cabin for the Disney Dream Christening cruise. ThemeparkMom shares five things that surprised her about the Disney Dream cruise ship and even has an easy to read roundup of the various decks of the Disney Dream, to help passengers get acquainted before cruising. I personally thought one of the cutest photos was of ThemeparkKid relaxing in the ThemeparkFamily stateroom of the Disney Dream.

The Food

Previous passengers of Disney Cruise Line may already be familiar with Animator’s Palate, but ThemeparkMom give an indepth look into the cuisine for kids aboard the Disney Dream, including this famous shipboard restaurant. Of course, there are numerous restaurants on the Disney Dream, but Animator’s Palate is one of the must experience dining options onboard. If you’re looking for information on all the Disney Dream dining options, our friend Lou Mongello of WDWRadio has a full roundup.

The Technology

The Disney Dream even brings technology to the porthole of the interior staterooms, that’s how cool this ship is. The best post I’ve read online so far regarding the Disney Dream is from Chris Brogan. I had no idea the ship used QR codes onboard and features a game of unlocking movies about various experiences. Lots of interactive technology on the Disney Dream, according to Chris. He also checked out the AquaDuck. Be sure to read his entire post Dream a Disney Dream which includes information if you are considering a Disney Cruise, photos, and videos.

The Fun Stuff – The AquaDuck

Everyone’s been talking about the AquaDuck and it looks like an amazing shipboard activity for all ages. Just take a look at this video from WDWRadio:

TravelingMamas.com was not an official part of the Disney Dream Christening Cruise. ThemeparkMom and MommyMusings attended as representatives of their own personal blogs.

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