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The Cajun Experience of Louisiana: Swamp Tours

I love all things Louisiana. I was born and raised in this state and I’m bringing up my own children to take pride in their home. That’s why I chose the moniker CajunMama when I created this website.

Louisiana Swamp Scene

In Louisiana, we’re smart, sassy, and friendly. We also stay close to our simple roots through our recipes and culture. We’re a gumbo of various ethnic groups and we were also our own country, if only for 90 days. Our laws are based on the Napoleonic Code, while the rest of the US is based on English Common Law.

We’re more than just one city. New Orleans is famous, but we have so many other destinations to offer with Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Alexandria, and Monroe. Of course, there are a slew of smaller cities and towns, each with their own personalities. Heck even our cuisine is different when you travel to opposite ends of the state. You’ve got Creole and you’ve got Cajun, with variations inbetween.

Tonight, History Channel airs the second season of Swamp People. If you’re not already familiar with this popular reality show, here’s an introduction – The Cajun Experience.

A big question I’ve been asked lately is about where to go on a swamp tour in Louisiana. Here are a few links to area swamp tours. I’ve not been on these nor do I endorse any of them, but I did want to provide easy reference for those of you who have stopped by TravelingMamas.com in search of a swamp tour. Be sure to bring the bug spray. If you haven’t hear, the mosquito is our state bird.

Louisiana Tour Company – Swamp tours near New Orleans

Cajun Country Swamp Tours – Swamp tours near Lafayette and Breaux Bridge

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tours – Swamp and Airboat tours near New Orleans

Honey Island Swamp Tours – Swamp tour of Honey Island, site of reported Big Foot sightings.

Have you seen Swamp People? Are you planning on watching the first episode of Season 2?

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  1. I’m a Northwest girl and have never even been to this part of the South, but have always wanted to explore the swamps this way! You’ll fueling my desire to tour this part of the country!

  2. I love the idea of a Swamp tour and the eccellent and contrasting history of this area of the USA. Mkaes for some great and different food too..

  3. We took the Jean Lafitte tour with 150 8th graders every spring for the five years I taught at that particular school. The kids, parents and teachers loved every minute of it and the only complaint we had was when it was over! The tour guides were friendly, easy to work with and put out on a good show.

  4. Nice article . I love seeing people get excited about Louisiana.
    I have been on the Jean Lafitte tour and I fully agree with Jen, it was an unforgettable experience.

  5. I think a swam tour sounds like a great adventure. Although I haven’t watched Swamp People, you’ve tweaked my curiosity. So what is the difference between Cajun and Creole cooking?

  6. I’ve never visited Louisiana, but I’ve always found both New Orleans and the surrounding swamplands to be strangely alluring… Definitely gonna have to put a swamp tour on my growing list of things to do. Thanks!

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