New Bing iPad App Helps Travelers

Applications and tech gadgets can help travelers, entertainment lovers, and educators by offering another convenient way to access information.

New iPad App from Bing Helps You Touch and Decide

–          Everything you need to start your day is right at your fingertips. The opening page of Bing’s iPad app provides a quick glance at: local weather, top news, maps, movies currently in your local theaters, top trends, and stock market news.

–          Visual trivia with Bing’s homepage image. Similar to the homepage of Bing.com, every day users will see a new image with buttons you can click on to learn new things that have to do with the image. It’s a fun way to learn something new each morning (think of it as a cool version of word of the day toilet paper). Missed a day? You can always scroll back and see the previous home screen images.

–          Get the latest scoop quickly and easily. Get the latest popular news topics through pictures with the Trends icon on the homepage. Click on a picture and get all the latest headlines. Everything from breaking news, gossip, fashion scoop, sports news, etc. is included in the Trends section. Everything you need and want to know is in one convenient, visual location. With this feature, you’ll never have to go searching multiple news websites again.

–          Where am I? Perfect for travelers or those always on the go, one touch on the Map icon on the homepage will tell you your exact location and what’s near. After finding where you are, locate local top-rated businesses and get directions to them easily. New to a city and want a good bite to eat? Let Bing Maps take you to a top-rated restaurant for a delicious meal while in town.

–          iPads in the Classroom. Many schools are making the switch from textbooks to iPads. For those who are utilizing the interactive benefits of the iPad in the classroom, the daily homepage trivia on Bing creates a fun opportunity for students to learn. Teachers can create a new morning routine by scrolling through the top headlines in the News section, updating students on the latest international, domestic and local news. Users can customize these topics to make it fitting for any classroom’s needs.  They can also utilize the Trends feature to relate classroom examples to real life topics the students are interested in.

–          For entertainment junkies. For movie buffs, Bing’s iPad app has all your movie needs in one spot. Easily learn about the coming soon titles, recently released films, local theaters, top movies and more, all within this easy-to-use section of the app. You can also customize your News by opting to only get the latest Hollywood headlines. Ever wonder where your co-worker gets his funny videos from? Check out the Viral Videos tab in the Video section and get a leg up on the latest popular viral videos.

Interested in trying it out? Download the free Bing iPad app here!

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