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Enter for a chance to meet Dhani Jones in NYC with Bing Travel

Next week I’ll be traveling to New York City to meet former Travel Channel’s Dhani Jones and to learn more about how Bing Travel can save us time and money. Bing Travel also wants to give five (5) TravelingMamas.com readers and their guests a spot on the exclusive guest list of this fun evening. Enjoy cocktails and conversation with guest of honor, NFL linebacker and well-traveled Renaissance man, Dhani Jones. I’ll also be on hand to talk about all things travel, with or without kids, and how I use Bing Travel to find cheap airfare for all my trips. I’d love to meet you in real life and find out where YOU like to travel. Plus, I can’t wait to talk to Dhani about his new book that was just released – The Sportsman.

I can’t tell you where in NYC, but I can tell you when: July 20, 2011 in the evening.

The Prize: Entry for you and a guest to this exclusive event. Travel and accommodations are NOT provided. We ask that only readers who will be in the NYC area during the evening of July 20 enter this giveaway.

How to Enter: Just leave a comment* on this post telling us about your favorite episode or scene of Dhani Tackles the Globe, how you’ve used Bing Travel to save money, or your favorite money saving travel tip. We’ll randomly pick five (5) winners to attend.

Bonus Entries: Tweet this phrase

“I want to meet @DhaniJones @fareologist & @TravelingMamas in NYC! #BingTravel http://bit.ly/nbCIhB”

and make sure you leave your Twitter status as a comment in this post for it to be counted as a bonus entry.

Contest Ends July 17, 2011 at 11:59 PM EST so that winners can be notified and have time to shop for a fun outfit to wear 😉

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  1. I loved the episode in Singapore where Dhani Dragon Boat races and gets the piranha pedicure – always wanted to try it! Big fan of @DhaniJones and would love the opportunity to meet him!

  2. My favorite Episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe is when he was Lucha Libre in Mexico City. When he was tackling the wrestlers like toys. He is so built . I would love to meet Dhani because he seems so cool and fun. Ive never met an NFL player before so this would be a great oppurtunity! My favorite Travel Saving Money Tip is to always make sure you bring a certain amount where ever you go so you know you have a good amount to have a great time! Thanks you and hope i can win!

  3. My favorite DTTG moment? Tough call! Either eating fried bugs in Thailand….or that tiny red bathing suit in Australia.

  4. I loved the episode where Dhani went swimming, I think in, a Scandinavian country. There were all these blonde, fair skinned people and then there was Dhani. He stood out like a sore thumb, but it didn’t bother him one bit. I love that about him, he’s never afraid to try new things no matter what the circumstances.

    As far as a money saving travel tip, I would say to plan ahead. There are always good deals to be found if you spend a little time planning ahead!

  5. My favorite episode was when Dhani was playing Rugby in London, I loved that one because rugby is such a tough sport and he took it on with great stride.
    Money-saving trip wise, I would say to book early, pack light so you only have travel-ons!

  6. I loved when Dhani went Dragonboat racing in Singapore, my brother is in love with this sport and it was nice to see what it was all about.
    My tip for money saving trips is to go in the fall, no long lines, not a lot of tourist, and still the nice experience.

  7. I loved the episode when Dhani traveled to Ireland to learn Hurling. I really want to meet him with my son!!!
    I used Bing Travel and found really good airplane ticket deals and saved a lot of money actually.

  8. Schwingen in switzerland was my favorite episode from season one! I already took work off for Wednesday because I really want to meet Dhani! I just got his new book and is his biggest biggest biggest fan. reading it now as we speak.

    Bing Travel actually got me a really good hotel deal when I went on vacation last month

  9. Dragonboating in Singapore, that is my sport and I do it for the summer. I loved it so much! Thanks Dhani for bringing attention to the sport!

    I think traveling in the fall or winter is the best money saving deal that I’ve ever done.

  10. My favorite episode was when Dhani was playing water polo in Croatia, I really wanna go there now! I want to meet Dhani too, me and my brother loved his show on the travel channel!

    Always buy tickets early and check prices every five minutes to find the best deal possible!

  11. Favorite Dhani episode – learning Muay Thai in Thailand. I went to Thailand just to see the fights in Bangkok.

  12. Every episode brought you to a land that was little understood. There was England, to Jamaica then Italia. However, I have to tell you that my favorite episode was Dhani in Senegal.. From humbly challenging men with his insane pullups, to doing the dance of a lion in native costume or receiving the blessing of a witch doctor it was fascinating. At times touching when he thought of his ancestors that came before him. The fact that he won his wrestling match, shared an unspoken word and danced with his Senegalese brothers and was man enough to have a very, very large man wrap his package in a loin cloth…a very, very tight loincloth with a 5 minute pan of his manhood. Histerical, touching and inspiring…..Dang I miss that show….
    Pick me, pick me.. 😉

  13. Money saving travel tip! Plan ahead for the best rates…travel light, bring your camera, don’t stress and live in the moment.

  14. My favorite Dhani Tackles the Globe moment….hmm -there are many – but I would have to say my favorite moments were seeing Dhani in places that I’ve actually visited. The episode of Dhani in Iceland at the Blue Lagoon (such a phenomenal experience) and in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. I was wonderfully surprised to see him in those beautiful regions. Okay last one – still in Iceland – Dhani getting his Viking fuel food (the sheep’s head) “Goodness Gracious” The look on his face…Priceless.

    Best money saving travel tip: Make friends abroad so you can stay with them and not need to spend extra $$ on hotels. I haven’t used Bing Travel yet – but I’ve been checking it out.

  15. I thought about it for a while and can’t pick just one episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe as my favoite. Every episode brings you to such a different and unique place – they are all so great!

    Money saving tip: Stay away from the tourist traps. To do this use blogs (such as travelingmamas.com) and other social networking sites to figure out where the true locals hang out in the town/city that you are visiting. Local spots also provide you with the true authentic experience!!!!
    My favorite travelers Quote:
    “No amount of creeping homogeneity can quell the endless variation of humanity, and travel in the end is about people, not places.”

    I want to meet @DhaniJones @fareologist & @TravelingMamas in NYC! #BingTravel http://t.co/21M6gp6

    Twitter Name: ManhattanMolly

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