Clean Diesel, Cruise Nations, and Roller Coasters

The Traveling Mamas get numerous emails and press releases from companies and readers informing us about current events in the travel industry, new products, and great deals. We only recommend products we’ve tested personally and feature destinations and hotels we’ve experienced firsthand, but every once in a while we like to share some travel news with our readers. Here are a few of the more interesting items, such as a new roller coaster, cruise news, and how to find diesel that I wanted to share with readers.

New VW BlogTDI Truth and Dare

I love my VW, so it isn’t hard for me to share news about this company that may help consumers planning a road trip. RedBugg isn’t a diesel powered VW, but some of our readers may need this new resource for vacation planning.

From VW – Since there might be some misconceptions out there about how clean diesel works, this new blog has a wealth of information to dispel myths and stack up the TDI cars against others. It’s a great resource not only about VW but about clean diesel in general.  The “Diesel Finder” feature on the website will help find diesel stations along the way on their vacations during the summer.

We’ll be sure to update our readers on the best vehicles for road trips as we test them out. We’ve got the scoop on new and updated models coming out this year.

Royal Caribbean – Why Not?

I have yet to go on a cruise, but the new ad campaign by Royal Caribbean sure makes me want to join the Nation of Why Not. If you’ve seen the commercials I have, I’ll admit that now I’m ready to go cliff diving or rock wall climbing. Adam Goldstein, President and CEO, has started a blog to show another side of Royal Caribbean International.

From RCI – Follow Adam as he discusses the latest news, happenings and ship innovations from Royal Caribbean, the different types of experiences Royal Caribbean cruisers can expect from their journeys at sea, and Adam’s personal insights on the travel and cruise industries as a whole.

I did go check out the site and blog, and while Adam only has his first entry, I will be following the progress of both Royal Caribbean’s Nation of Why Not and Adam’s venture into the world of blogging.

Universal Orlando – Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

I LOVE roller coasters. However, I gave birth to two individuals who don’t seem to get into them like I do. I don’t know what it is about these high velocity rides, but they excite and thrill me to no end. It’s no surprise that I have to share with readers that there is a new ride coming to Universal Orlando.

From Universal Orlando – Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s selecting a popular song as the soundtrack to your ride. It’s video cameras capturing your ride experience so you can take home your own music video. It’s one-of-a-kind ride maneuvers and a revolutionary ride vehicle system.

I’m ready to test it out and post the video as proof, Universal Orlando. Woohoo!

Now that I’m in a roller-coaster mood, here’s a little video I took during my visit to Disney World in February for the American Idol Experience Premiere.

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  1. Between the Rip Ride Rockit & SeaWorld’s new Manta coaster, I think it’s definitely time for a trip to Orlando. Totally fun stuff!!

  2. Roller coasters rock my world. I can go on anything and everything. Hubs and stepson (he’s 25) can’t take anything that spins so they are always waiting for me LOL Hubby and I love Universal. It would be so great to get back there soon. The new ride sounds cool. Would be fun to blog about that experience!

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