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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

CajunMama's childhood travel picFrequent readers of Traveling Mamas may already know that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park area is a favorite of the CajunMama family. My parents took my brother and I there as kids, and the tradition has been carried on to my little ones.

This week is about the Smoky Mountains and any stories or posts you may have about the area. Have you gone on some great mountain hikes? Have a recommendation for a really cool cabin resort? Know of any great summer travel specials? Here’s your chance to let our readers see what you have to say.

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  1. Yay, The Smokies are so wonderful. We love your subject choice.
    I recall traveling through Gatlinburg on the way to a family picnic in the park, in the back seat of a 1959 Chevy with my siblings. All begging to stop in Gatlinburg and Rebel Corner to get some trinkets or rubber tomahawks.

    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park looks and sounds like a great place to to take your familay on holiday, it sounds magical, everyone looks happy in the photo as well, if I ever win the lottery (probably not) I think it will be on my list of places to visit.

  3. Some recomendations,
    1) Dixie Stampede (worth seeing once, especially with kids)
    2) Free Parking in Gatlinburg. Go all the way down and it is hidden behind some businesses as you get close to the park entrance.
    3) Go on a waterfall hike if you havent been. If you have been then go on a longer one. The longer the trail the less people. Go see them they ar ebeautiful.
    4) Cataloochie. No traffic, beautiful scenery, lots of animals to see(especially in the morning and evening). Please check it out.
    5) Check out deep creek in north carolina. Its a small drive but its worth it. If you do go ask where to find the road to nowhere before you leave, its a unfinished road that ends at a tunnel. You can walk through the tunnel where the road ends and come out on the other side in a beautiful scenic woodland. Bring a flashlight. The tunnel is dark! Its a scenic drive to the tunnel also.
    6) Roaring fork motor nature trail. Go.
    7) Cades Cove. Go in the evening or morning. Beautiful. Good animal sight seeing.
    8) Check out Townsend.
    9) Restaurants– Old Mill in pigion (always go twice on a trip), calhounes in gatlinburg, bubba gump in gatlinburg for seafood(skip linebergers-its expensive and lousy), and the greenbriar is the best food and atmosphere (in a log cabin hidden in the hills)but not the best prices.
    10)Comedy Barn is very good, as is dollywood but you proabaly knew that. But go after 3pm and you get in for free the next day. Thats a day and a half for the price of one.
    11) If you havent done anything outdoors when you go please do. There are so many waterfalls and old cabins that are a short walk from your car. It will change your life.

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