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Grand Country Inn, A Branson Family Hotel

Branson, Missouri is one of the top family destinations in the US. It’s a midwest city that offers outdoor adventure, theme parks, family friendly entertainment, good food, and plenty of places to stay. My family and I have checked out a few family friendly hotels in Branson. A hotel on the main Branson Strip that offers plenty of entertainment for families is Grand Country Inn.

The Rooms

Hotel rooms are located in various building around the property. For an extra $10 per night guests can stay in Building #1 which is closest to the water park. We stayed in an outer building in a standard double room. The rooms are pretty basic, but clean.

Branson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn standard roomBranson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn standard room bath

Onsite Water Park

The biggest reason to stay at Grand Country Inn is the onsite indoor/outdoor waterpark, Splash Country. The kids were anxious to check it out. We ended up driving to the other side of the property because it was a bit of a walk to get to there. This is an indoor/outdoor waterpark, but due to the time of year we were visiting, just the indoor part was open. It offers a number of waterslides, lazy river, treehouse style climbing area, a dump bucket, and two very large spas. One of the spas is adults only, but it wasn’t enforced at all and I was the mom in the spa giving the little kids dirty looks for being in the adult area. I probably should have been giving their parents the look instead. There are a few dry areas with plastic tables and chairs set up, and also a small grill. Towels are provided, but I would suggest grabbing a few extras as they are kind of thin.

Tip: The Mining Company Grill is connected to the indoor waterpark but is a dry area. There is free wi-fi in the grill.

Branson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn water parkBranson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn water park

The Food

In addition to The Mining Company Grill at the water park, there is a daily buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We did not partake of the buffet, but did enjoy a pizza from Papa Grand’s Pizza. There is a pizza bar with slices or you can order an entire pizza, which is actually the better value for a family. My husband even commented that the pizza was pretty darn good. They even offer carryout until 10PM nightly and the pizza parlor is located in the family gaming area.

Branson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn pizza from Papa Grand's Pizza

The Activities

Grand Country Inn offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for guests, giving families an option for relaxing onsite at Grand Country Fun Spot. In keeping with local Branson entertainment, Grand Country Music Hall offers daily shows throughout the year. We didn’t get a chance to catch a show here, but the parking lot was full on the weekend while we were there. We opted to enjoy the family arcade and the indoor black light 3D golf. We laughed and giggled as our family of four split into two teams to compete in Skee Ball, mini golf, pinball, and many of the other games. One evening my husband took the kids back to the Fun Spot only to return with a large collection of prizes from the ticket redemption center and a hot pepperoni pizza from Papa Grand’s Pizza.

Branson Family Hotel Grand Country Inn glow in the dark mini golf

While Grand Country Inn isn’t a luxury hotel in Branson, it sure offers plenty of opportunities to make lasting family travel memories and a clean place to rest for the night. The property offers affordable family packages throughout the year. If you get a chance to stop in Grand Country Inn, don’t forget to check out an odd roadside attraction onsite – The World’s Largest Banjo.

Odd Roadside Attraction in Branson - World's Largest Banjo

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  1. Heh, it’s important for adults to have their own space in these places. I love kids, but they go crazy at water parks, and when its indoors, it can get really loud. Great pictures.

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