Heading to Disney World

Little CajunMama and I are heading to Disney World today. At the moment, we are in Houston at IAH waiting on our connecting flight. I really enjoy traveling with my kids and today is no exception. LCM woke up at 5:30 am! She was ready to go. We’re going to celebrate her birthday and check out some of the new attractions at Disney World. We’ll update everyone on what we find, but we are especially excited to be there for the American Idol Experience. If you’ll be in a 100 mile radius of Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Thursday, Feb 12, you’ll want to come join us as we watch the Celebrity Parade and see the surprises Disney has in store for everyone.

Who’s your favorite Idol? Will you be around that day? Come find us at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

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  1. Oh, but why?

    Why why why why why?

    Isn’t it your website that has that beautiful “Why we travel with kids” post about how you don’t need to stop at Disney Paris to do something “for the child” because traveling to real places to see similarities and differences and actually meet people is so good and so much fun for kids!

    The 3 questions at the end of your post are so promotional I am really sorry to see them.

    Disney echos the real world, but without the richness and vibrato. It is a synthesizer version of a human voice, but without the richness or realness. Of course I’m not telling you where to or not to take your child, but in the couple weeks I’ve been on this site, I’ve really enjoyed the posts, and have already come to expect something more than a Disney trip.


  2. I disagree with Jen’s comment.

    Yes, it would be a shame if the ONLY thing your kids ever experienced was the world of Disney…but it’s clear that’s not the case.

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with indulging a child’s wish to enjoy WDW on their birthday — or for indulging your own (adult) wish to take in a little “Disney magic”.

    I’m sure that neither you or your daughter will come away from this trip believing that Epcot’s version of foreign cultures is the “real thing” 🙂

  3. It’s to bad that Jen feels that way. She has obviously never experienced the Disney, or Florida hospitality that goes along with a Disney vacation!! We have “real world” stuff down here, and you can see much of it, on your way to Disney world. And when you get there, it’s magical, whether it’s the first, or the fifty first time you’ve been. Everybody young and old should experience it. I hope you are having a great time there with your daughter on her birthday. Happy Birthday Little Cajun Mama!

  4. Disney World is a great place for a family vacation. We were there a couple of years ago when our oldest was six. We had a blast. I don’t think I’d want to bring kids younger than six though. We left our two year old daughter with my Mom, who lives nearby.

    Some tips:
    Don’t bother trying to be the first at the gate, take your time, eat a hearty breakfast, and mosey in around 11 or so.

    Stay for the fireworks at the end, it’s a wonderful way to cap a magical day, and it’s pretty easy to convince the kids that it’s over for the day; when the fireworks end, everyone turns around and walks out. (This tip goes along with the one above).

    more about our trip (including our son’s ratings of the rides) at http://familyroadtrippers.blogspot.com/2007/04/current-trip-disney-worlds-magic.html

    Maybe Jen was just having a bad day.


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