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Top Five Destinations for a Celebration Vacation

Last night, Peter Yesawich of YPartnership spoke to a group of international media at Disney World about a trend that has recently been identified in the travel industry: Celebration Vacations. The Traveling Mamas have been doing this for years (we celebrate everyday!), but now it’s got a name. After all, what better reason to travel than for a special occasion?

The nationwide YPartnership study uncovered that people are marking milestone anniversaries (like a blogiversary, ahem), honeymoons, family reunions, and a child’s first vacation, just to name some of the top celebratory reasons to travel. Other milestones, such as birthdays and retirement, give consumers a reason to travel. In fact, my own dad chose to celebrate his retirement with a trip to Disney World (his first visit) and brought the entire family along.

Top destinations for a Celebration Vacation:

1. Disney
2. Hawaii
3. Florida
4. Europe
5. Caribbean

When asked where they’d like to go for a Celebration Vacation with children, 40% of all consumers polled chose Disney as their first choice. Interestingly, both households with children, and those without, ranked Disney at the top.

Say what you might about Disney, but the numbers tell the tale. People overall love Disney, and as a mama who is enjoying my week at Walt Disney World with my tween, I have to say that this Celebration Vacation is a pretty sweet way to spend a special time. Everyone should experience the magic of Disney at least once in their lifetime. I’m so glad that my little girl has a wish that has come true and we are spending wonderful quality time together.

The overall message is that families are celebrating life by spending time and special moments together. I’m not just preaching, but I’m practicing this trend myself. Thank you, Disney, for putting more magic into my relationship with my daughter. Sniff.

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  1. It’s interesting how Disney is the only specific place on the list — all the others are states, countries, or a bunch of islands :-). And I wonder how many of those naming “Florida” are also thinking Disneyworld? Regardless, every vacation is a celebration in my book–but I’m all for making it even more of a party!

  2. So would that be a Celecation? A Vacaybration?
    Glad to see you’re enjoying the trip with your daughter!

  3. I love the idea of a Celebration Vacation! For something a little more exotic, I just recently read an article on Julia Dimon’s blog about something called GeoCashing, which is kind of like modern day treasure hunting. Check it out!


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