Winning Wednesday

We had a wonderful response to the Houmas House gift pack giveaway and we learned where many of you are from and why you like living there.

A few of you live close enough to Houmas House for a day trip. Others live as far away as Oregon and Vermont. Most of you who reside in Florida love it for its beaches. The New Yorkers either live out in rural areas where you are enjoying nature, or NYC where you enjoy the fast paced city life.

Theresa N says “I love living in Aiken County South Carolina. We have beautiful weather all year round, the Palmetto tree a palm is our state tree. Aiken County is a wonderful place for people and horses. We’re a very large horse community with lots of golf courses and I live just a couple blocks from the Savannah River.” I’ve been to Aiken to visit my in-laws and I have to agree with Theresa on how lovely the area is.

Janice J from Sterling, AK loves living there because “…’s quiet, and the mountains and lakes and rivers are beautiful.” Marissa from Helena, MT enjoys being near Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is beautiful and I hope to get to Helena for a visit one day. Graham from rural Idaho admits that he doesn’t like where he lives. Its okay, Graham, I’m sure a few of us have felt that way at some point in our lives.

The winning entry comes from upstate NY. Danielle left a dangerous area to move into a 100-year-old home that is near Howe and Secret Caverns. She says the caverns run under her small town. It sounds like a charming place to live. Congratulations, Danielle!

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Keep checking back for our next contest and to read informative posts about travel. And remember to submit your entry for our Anthology or even send us your questions. Thanks for all the entries!

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