Community Coffee Travel Tumbler Gift Set Giveaway

If anyone has ever noticed the footer on this website, they’ll see that is not only powered by the WordPress content management system, but also Community Coffee. I’ve personally been drinking this caffeinated brew since I was a toddler watching Saturday morning cartoons and my mother would prepare a diluted version of cafe au lait (coffee milk) in my sippy cup.

Community Coffee New Orleans Gift SetCommunity Coffee may not be popular with the trendy Los Angeles or NYC java drinkers, but that’s because these coffee drinkers have yet to sample a quality cup of Joe by this honest, family-owned company. The name says it all – Community. This private company has been around for over 90 years and has been an integral part of business deals and law passing in Louisiana. They also support local schools with Community Cash for Schools program. In their subtle, unassuming manner, this company even supports the places where a few types of their coffee beans are harvested. They quietly have brought prosperity and a means of support to African tribes and South American villages.

This humble company won my heart many years ago and it is apparent that they have the hearts of Louisianians everywhere. Community Coffee kept me going when I worked long, hard nights building the bones and many of the other sites I’ve created and developed. It gave me a much needed boost as I finished the manuscript of my latest book. It keeps me and coworkers awake and aware as we work many long nights and weekends in the emergency services field. Community Coffee was even there when my grandfather passed away and the family gathered at his farm after his funeral, adding a small bit of comfort to our family during a time of grief and remembrance. Most recently, Community Coffee helped me get through my son’s recent emergency surgery. Their CC’s Coffee Shop employees at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge gave me a laugh and smile with their personalities (see below).

CC's Employees Dan & Courtney at OLOL in Baton Rouge

Community Coffee doesn’t brag about what they’ve done for almost a century. Instead, this company focuses their energy on continually providing a quality product that brings family and friends together. For some that have moved away, a sip of fresh brewed Community Coffee may spark a memory of their time living in Louisiana.

Community Coffee Fleur de Lis Travel Tumbler in the Air by Shannon Hurst Lane

Community Coffee has gernerously supplied a gift pack of their New Orleans Blend coffee and a Fleur-de-Lis travel tumbler for one randomly chosen commenter. I have one of these tumblers and take it with me anytime I leave the house. Its shape fits comfortably in my hand and always sparks up a conversation, either by someone in an airport who misses Louisiana or a passerby hollering “Whodat!”

Rules: Leave one comment per email address regarding your experience with Community Coffee or if you haven’t tried it, just say you haven’t tried it. Want extra entries? Fan Community Coffee Company on Facebook and/or tweet about them on Twitter (@CommunityCoffee). Leave another comment stating you’re a fan and another that you’ve tweeted about it. Must be a US or Canadian citizen at least 18 years old. Contest ends 11:59pm (CST) Tuesday March 2, 2010. Winner will be notified by email and must supply mailing address within three days of contest closing or will forfeit their prize, which will be awarded to another entrant.

This contest item was supplied by the company and has in no way influenced my opinion. I’ve been using this product for 34 years and have no problem in promoting something I use every day. Community Coffee is available online and in select stores throughout the southern United States.

Update: A few entries commented about the one-cup coffee pods for those hotels that use this style coffee maker. Community Coffee has them available for purchase – Community Coffee One-Cup Coffee Pods.

Winner Update: Congratulations to Jaque who left the winning comment –

“Sadly, I have never tasted Community Coffee….after reading about it here, I feel my life has been incomplete without it. I love coffee and would love to try this java taste bud sensation!”

Jaque, let us know what you think of your fabulous travel tumbler and Community Coffee New Orleans Blend.

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  1. We love community coffee. Every time we are in Mississippi, we buy extra to bring home til our next trip.

  2. I love Community Coffee! I’m a Louisiana native, but I don’t live there anymore. Every time I go home, I always load up on Community!

  3. I am a NOLA girl born and raised. I grew up drinking CC’s coffee. My grandmother used to give us kids coffee milk…I still like my coffee extra light. I moved to Seattle several years ago and would have my family send me packages with my CC’s coffee in it. In July of this year I relocated back to NOLA and I have to tell you it is wonderful to get CC’s anytime day or night. I love Commuinity Coffee…to this bayou girl it is the ONLY coffee worth drinking!!!

  4. I am drinking Community dark roast right now. I have fanned CC. I just tweeted about it. And my wedding anniversary is Tuesday, March 2 – the day you are drawing a winner!

  5. I’m already a fan on Facebook of Community Coffee & I’m a regular drinker of it. It’s, by far, the best store bought coffee you can purchase!

  6. I began drinking Community Coffee at the age of 10. When my dad would come home in the evening, he and I would sit on the picnic table, talking about our day. Thirty seven years later, we still have coffee and discuss our day (we have coffee shipped – we now live in Kentucky)!

  7. I love Commnity Coffee, and nothing else can compare. That is why i have a standing automatic shipment of coffee with chicory that ships to me….although sometime I see that I am going to run out so I have to bump the shipment date up!

  8. I drink Community Coffee everyday…love it!!! I miss it when I go on trips, so I usually bring it with me~! My favorite drink!

  9. I ‘discovered’ community coffee while driving from Texas to Florida oh so many years ago. One of the “touchstones” of my trip wither way, was stopping at the welcome area for a taste of the Community. As time passed, I was able to find Community Coffee in the regional Food Market, HEB,and it quickly became the ONLY coffee I serve in my home. I sampled many of the different blends, but settled on the New Orleans blend as my personal favorite. It is subtle and smooth and has the Character that matches the Crescent City it was so aptly named for. In my new Role as a Veteran’s service officer in Indiana, one of the things my vets look forward to is that “Great cup of coffee” that they know is waiting in my office. Who would have thought that you would have a loyal Colt’s fan talking up and sharing some “Who Dat” Coffee with the people they know and love?

  10. As a Louisiana native, I can honestly say nothing beats a cup of community coffee! I was so excited when they opened up the CC’s coffee houses. Now that I live in Florida, it’s depressing not having my favorite daily pick me up. Starbucks just doesn’t do it for me. The NOLA blend is my favorite and I try to stock up on some everytime we are back in LA.

  11. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge and have been drinking community coffee since I was little kid drinking coffee milk. Now I am a missionary in El Salvador and when I go home I always load up on Community Coffee Dark Roast. I also bring bags back for friends here in El Salvador and everyone agrees it is the BEST coffee in the world.

  12. LOVE community coffee & chicory — can’t live without it! try mixing it with splenda granular sweeter to give it that cappuccino froth — and silk soymilk for that healthy creaminess — that is what i drink all day & everyday — hot in the morning and iced in the afternoon — YUM!

  13. I fell in love with CC coffeehouses on my first trip to NOLA a few years ago. I cant seem to get enough of the stuff! I have to order it to get it here in Florida and its just not the same as popping into the coffeehouse and getting a perfectly brewed cup!!!

  14. tried it over a year ago when visiting my mom in Louisianna , been ordering it online every since. live in Iowa , great coffee , great tea !!!!!!!!!

  15. I was turned on to Community Coffee about 15 or so years ago. I lost my contact, and after several more years passed I had not forgotten about it, I just didn’t know where to get it. Now that I have the website, I am truly a committed fan and enjoy trying all the different blends.

  16. oh, and of course i am a facebook fan — that is where i find the great deals to mail order it now that i live in dallas! look for free shipping or 25% extra bags or 20% off your order — and order 10 bags to save an extra 50 cents per bag — a great deal!

  17. I was raised on Community Coffee and can’t even stand the smell of other coffees. I have mine shipped to me!

  18. We weren’t particular about the coffee we purchased for our own consumption at home until we had an opportunity to enjoy Community Club. Since then, it’s the only one we buy now and friends love it.

  19. I love Community Coffe!! I lived in LA from a teenager until my early 30s. I now live in AL, and miss the New Orleans area every day! My parents drink the New Orleans blend…in fact, that’s all they drink. When the travel to visit family or friends, they bring it with them (they are in AL now, also). Talk about dedication!!

  20. Dark Roast Community — just the only way to start the morning. Buy 30-40 lbs of it whenever I go “home” … when the stash runs low, I know it is time to make another trek! Aahh!

  21. I drink Community Coffee every single day and and have raised my kids on coffee milk!! I also clip the “cash for schools” coupons for my daughter’s school.

  22. I tried this coffee while in Mississippi visiting my husband at Camp Shelby and I LOVED IT!!!!!! Can’t get it where I live!

  23. I am from Louisiana and one of the things I love most is Community Coffee. I enjoy traveling all over the world. Before I confirm accommodations is make sure a coffee pot is available to me so I can brew community coffee. 5 years ago I went to Virginia to visit my mother in law and I think she was offended that I didn’t want to drink her coffee and waited 1 hour to have access to the coffee pot so I can brew CC. She turned her nose up and walked into the family room. Five minutes after I brewed the pot she walked in the kitchen saying, “Wow it smells wonderful. Can I have a cup?” Needless, to say, I have to ship coffee to her monthly.

  24. I love community coffee and have been drinking it for about 30 years now. Everytime I go back home to Louisiana, I have to get at least 3 bags (until my next visit). My sisters buy it for me too. It’s the best; however, I’m partial to the New Orleans blend. I am also a fan on facebood, therefore, any new blends, etc that come out, I am “in the know”. Love it!

  25. I have been drinking New Orleans Blend Community Coffee since I can remember. My mom would let us drink our coffee milk every morning while she drank hers. I live in OK now, and until the groceries started carrying it here, we’d load up everytime we went back to NOLA to visit. New Orleans Blend and Half-n-Half….YUMMO!!!! Nothing starts a morning better:-) I’m already a facebook fan and left a message there as well. I am ready to win and sport my New Orleans Tumbler all around Oklahoma….

  26. My family has been drinking Community Coffee (Between Roast, which isn’t always easy to find) for my entire life. I was born in Church Point, Louisiana and lived there only until I was five. When I was really young, my mom would make “coffee milk” (cafe au lait for you fancy Nawlins folks) for me and my three siblings. My brother in particular pronounced it “pockmuck milk,” and I’m not entirely sure why.

    When we moved to Austin, Texas, my parents made a point to continue drinking Community Coffee. Sometimes this meant making an extra trip to a grocery store that might have been farther away or didn’t have the best prices. And as the children grew, we mixed less and less milk into our brew. My brother worked at a CC’s coffee at the University of Texas campus, which closed not long after to our disappointment. The love for Community Coffee definitely passed down from parents to children.

    But we love the coffee so much, that even today, after all the children are grown and have college diplomas and jobs, we can still depend on mom to have Community Coffee when we visit on Sundays.

  27. i forgot to say i have been a fan on facebook for a while, and i live in southern alabama where the community coffee is plentiful.

  28. I have been drinking community coffee since I was a little girl. Every weekend we used to go to my great grandmother’s house and each morning community coffee was brewed. My brothers, sister, and I would be allowed a cup of coffee diluted with milk (cafe au lait)! When I lived in NY I joined the Community Coffee club and had it shipped to me. Now I am back in La and still CCs is my favorite coffee and the only one I drink!

  29. I am a Louisiana native and my first experience with CC was in my sippy cup too! My siblings and I would spend every other weekend at my grandparents’ home. My grandfather would bring coffee in bed to my grandmother every morning. I’d climb on the bed and my grandfather would hand me my cup of coffee milk. I have been married to a member of the US Air Force for 20 years on March 3rd. We load up on CC when we are visiting family in Louisiana and get supplimental care packages around the world. Once CC sent small sample packages that we shared around the base and local community. We’re moving to Europe this summer and can’t wait to share a cup of CC with our new found friends. And it would be awesome to win on March 2nd. It’s my birthday and I absolutely love the travel cup! I’m a fan of CC on facebook.

  30. I buy those little one pot bags of Community flavored coffee to use when regular Community just won’t do, such as when company stops by or I just want something different. Problem is, regular Community almost always fits the bill, and I end up giving the flavored stuff away!

  31. I grew up on Community Coffee, or as we called it, my coffee milk. After moving away from Louisiana and not being able to find it in the grocery store in North Carolina, I would have to stock up when I went home or have some shipped to me. The first time I saw Community Coffee in my local grocery store, I screamed. I can’t explain the excitement to finally be able to buy my favorite coffee at my grocery store. Thank you for expanding your distribution. I have now gotten a few NC folks hooked on Community Coffee and they agree, it is the best. There is nothing better than the smell of CC brewing in the morning. Thank you for your outstanding product.

  32. We LOVE Community Coffee! My husband grew up in Louisiana and always told me about it (and how much he missed it here in Minnesota). My wonderful mother-in-law gave us some as a gift, and now I’m HOOKED. No other coffee enters this house.

  33. As a native of Louisiana I have ordered via mail Community Coffee New Orleans Blend. I can now find it in rare places in south Florida, but I still order it because my “yankee” husband is now hooked on The Crescent City Blend whole bean coffee. It is the best and most consistent flavored in the market.

  34. Whenever I am in NOLA, I make sure to stock up with cases of Community Coffee… Red bag, New Orleans blend of course… Any friend of mine, knows that if they are headed in that direction they MUST bring me back coffee… Its rationed here at home, special occasions only… And as luck would have it, every day is special when I start it with my Community Coffee… I’ve even been known to bring it to the firehouse… Have to share good things with my brothers and sisters there…

  35. CC’s was my home away from home during undergrad and grad school. Now that I have left LA, I miss it terribly! Ugh, now I want a Mochasippi!

    Oh yeah, I’m a fan on FB and a follower of CC’s on Twitter!

  36. I’ll admit it, the only time I have had Community Coffee was in the waiting area of Tire Kingdom. And, yes, I LIKE it. I would like to try some of the flavors, but I rarely order anything online, and unfortunately all local supermarkets sell is the regular roast.

  37. I am from Pennsylvania, married a Cajun Girl and she claims to have been drinking New Orlean Blend since she was given “coffee milk” in a bottle as a toddler. I am now a devoted fan of the Crescent City Whole Bean variety. We mail order to receive it in Florida. It’s the best way to start the day !

  38. drank Community coffee until my irises turned brown down in Savannah GA..moved to WV now it’s harder to find than a monk in a brothel…

  39. I recently discovered CC. It is the best coffee ever. I absolutely love Carnivale Cake and drink a cup of it everyday. My only regret is that I don’t live where it is sold in stores. Gues that means I need to move!!

    I am a Facebook fan and tell all my friends how great this coffee is!!

  40. I only make it down to the N’awlins area about once a year – i have to pick up 4-5 lbs of Community Coffee to bring back up to Iowa – love that stuff.

  41. First cup of coffee I ever drank….guess it will also be the last cup I ever drink. It’s just too good!

  42. We love our Community Coffee so much that we do not leave home without it. Our biggest disappointment in traveling is to find that our hotel room had a 2 cup pod coffee maker while we have the 4 cup pack. When we get home one of our first stops is Community Coffeehouse. Hard to live without it!

  43. There’s a little diner my husband and I eat breakfast at most weekends; we like it because they serve Community Coffee. At home we drink the dark roast every day. It’s such a smooth, dark, and rich coffee, without any bitterness. Simply perfect.

  44. Me and My husband moved to Ohio almost 2 years ago, and ever since then i have had to have my mom send me cases of coffee. i refuse to drink anything other then community coffee.
    My favorite one is the carnival cake. it makes my house smell so good after brewing it. I just don’t know what i would do without my community coffee. i had to buy a small freezer to put in my basement to keep my coffee fresh……….Thanks Community Coffee

  45. I have tried Community Coffee and it is one of my favorites. I like my coffee full-flavored.

  46. I’m from Louisiana (Lafayette, actually) and grew up with Community Coffee in my parents’ hands every morning. Now, I’m a coffee drinker myself, live in Philadelphia, and have my parents ship Community Coffee to me every month. Yes, I could order it online, but it’s a great excuse to keep getting care packages from mom mom, even at age 28.

  47. My husband and I are huge fans of Community Coffee…we are now set up online to be a part of the Community Coffee Club and have our Community Coffee delivered straight to our door! We originally requested this to be added to our local HEB several years ago but find they are limited in the flavors they carry. There is nothing like a good cup of Community with a shot of half/half…We recently became fans on Facebook and now have several friends who are “addicted” to Community Coffee. My husband’s family are all Cajuns and truly this is the best coffee one can drink. In addition, there support of our troops and the communities of Louisiana prove there is more to this coffee than just flavor, they are the heart and soul of what real Louisiana is all about! I guarantee it!

  48. LOVE Community Coffee! Visited NOLA last October and poured myself a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby. It was the best cup I had ever had! I noticed it was Community, and on the drive home to Oklahoma, I started looking at their website on my iPhone. Once I got home, I became a fan on Facebook, and started my hunt to find CC in my local grocery stores. Finally found it, and it’s all I will drink now! I’m spoiled now for CC, and no other coffee will do. Going back to NOLA next weekend, and I’m sure I will visit the CC Coffee House on Royal several, several times!!!

  49. I was born in Baton Rouge raised on Community Coffee. When I was a little girl, my parents let me drink the last inch of cold coffee out of their cups. To this day, I prefer my coffee slightly cooler than most people.

    I’ve got a pot of Carnivale Cake on right now. 😉

  50. I am a fan on Facebook, too… which is how I arrived here. I love CC and always go there when in NOLA, and bring home some bags of real New Olreans blend coffee… now I wish they made them in senseo size pods so I could make it at work, too!

  51. Love, love, love CC. Dark Roast Whole Bean, House Blend Whole Bean and Carnivale Cake Blend are in my cupboard right now. It’s the ONLY coffee I’ll drink.

  52. Born and Raised New Yorker, who loves CC coffee, turned my mom and the rest of my family on to it now it’s all we drink at our place.

  53. I just shipped some Community Coffee to a friend of mine in Indiana last week. She is a coffee lover and had never tasted Community before 😮 Gotta spread the coffee love around the country!

  54. We first tried the New Orleans Blend with Chicory when we vacationed in NOLA two years ago. I won’t forget it- we went to get massages at an Aveda salon and they offered us coffee. Usually we doctor coffee with cream and sugar, but we took it black and asked for more! They told us what it was and where we could buy it and we stocked up. And we’ve been receiving our regular shipment ever since. I LOVE THE MILITARY MATCH PROGRAM! My brother-in-law is in the Army and I love to send him coffee… when I order 4 bags, Community Coffee matches with 4 bags! The guys in his unit love it!

  55. i havent tried this coffee yet but want to. i love just wouldnt be life without coffee.

  56. As a Louisiana native, I was raised on Community Coffee. Life has taken me away from Louisiana, over 1,000 miles to cold, snowy Minenesota and no Community Coffee. Fortunately, relatives in Louisiana understand my love for coffee and periodically send me gifts of packages of delicious dark brewed Community Coffee. There is nothing like waking up on an cold, snowy Minnesota morning and sipping on a fresh cup of steaming, hot coffee that taste like home. Community Coffee makes my mornings happy.

  57. can’t wait to get my most recent order to stock up again here in the mountains (thought i had another bag in the cabinet but i was wrong!!!!! oh nooooo)
    i’m a louisiana girl who grew up on ‘coffee milk’ made with community and i’ve been a fan of the stuff ever since… although these days i enjoy it black.
    have truly given other brands a chance, but nothing tastes as good as Community Coffee!

  58. I LOVE CC’s coffee! I’m enjoying a cup of Breakfast Blend right now and just made my little boy some coffee milk.

  59. I have been drinking Community Coffee since I was probably 5 years old. Have tried others but Community if by far the best around. LOVE IT!!

  60. I’m already a fan. My small kids love their coffee milk, too. It’s the only one for us. 🙂

  61. Born and raised in New Orleans and then transplanted to California, I miss Community Coffee so much. I’m actually having my last cup right now. Thank goodness I am going back to New Orleans in March when I can stock up.

  62. I grew up on Community Coffee having been raised on the MS Gulf Coast. I love it and couldn’t make it through the day without my daily dose of Medium Roast or New Orleans Blend! It was great on Mardi Gras with my Community, bowl of grits, zydeco CD and a slice of king cake for dessert. I order my 4 lbs of Medium Blend every 2 months to keep my supply up in my TN freezer!

  63. Love Community Coffee, can’t get it up here in Oregon though, and family can’t afford to ship it. Would love to get some and I love anything with a Fleur de leis on it, make me feel closer to home. I would love to try some of the new flavors that I have missed out on. We have coffee places here on every corner, like Dutch Brothers, Black Rock Coffee and Bad Ass Coffee and of course Starbucks, but nothing compares to Community!! Miss you guys

  64. My husband turned me on to this coffe as this is what his grandmother used to fix him. Now, I take my coffee with me on all my trips, because I will not drink coffee unless its my New Orleans Blend. Love it.

  65. We love our Community Coffee! We’ve recently moved to MS, so we don’t have to order it anymore. It’s usually Dark Roast for me, but nothing beats a cup of Cafe au Lait made with the New Orleans blend on a cold afternoon!

  66. Started following @CommunityCoffee the day I found out they were on Twitter. Just did my Tweet!

    And thank you for the Giveaway. 🙂 Being a Saints fan, I love the Fleur-de-lis design. Geaux Saints!

  67. Never leave home without our own Community Coffee. We can’t drink that other stuff. Before coffee pots in hotel rooms we brought our own
    4 cup coffe maker and our Community Coffee where ever we went, we even brought it with to Scotland and England for vacation. Can’t tell you how much we shared with people we met. What a wonderful product.

  68. Community Coffee is such a must in my life. I am truly a purist when it comes to my coffee…purist in the way I define it, that is. I use CC Dark Roast and brew it in an old drip pot. The kind we once saved coupons to purchase at the CC store. I also store my dark roast in a Fresh-O-Lator that is forever old, but still keeps my coffee fresh to the bottom of the canister. Great products…all of them.

  69. I’m already a Facebook Fan; that’s how I found your site.

    My husband and I love the New Orleans Style Community Coffee. We have it shipped by the boxload up to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. A new box is on its way and I can’t wait. Now … if only I could get beignets delivered with the coffee …

  70. We love Community Coffee! I tried it for the first time 6 years ago, and have been in love with it ever since!!!

  71. I am a facebook fan and I have 3 pounds shipped every 30 days and right now since I caught a sale that they had on their web site, I have extra coffee. Unless I start drinking way more then usual I should not run out. I live on the New Orleans blend and my Oklahoma hubby loves it as well.

  72. I’ve never tried Community Coffee before, but I have no doubt it and this fabulous travel mug will go great with my new New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions shirt!

  73. I love CC’s…I used to work at a hospital her in La that had 2 of them in it! I miss working there just for my mochasippi’s in the mornings! 🙁

  74. I miss Louisiana and will forever consider NOLA to be my “heart home.” Every cup of Community Coffee makes me feel like I am back “home” and that all is well again! Sigh!

    Ardee-ann who is drinking the last of her Holiday Jazz Coffee

  75. I have been drinking community coffee as long as I can remember (as a child I drank “coffee milk” with plenty of sugar), and it is still the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had. My favorite is the between roast. Just right: strong enough without being bitter.

  76. I have been a loyal Community Coffee drinker for over 25 years. It’s the only coffee in the house, mama knows better. Just got my latest order of Dark Roast.

  77. I haven’t tried it yet. I am not sure theyit is even available in my area. Sounds great for the review and I love the pic of the Community Coffee employees.

  78. I’m an Los Angeles resident and I LOVE Community Coffee and give it as gifts to friends. Until I found the website, I’d drive 30 minutes to a Cajun restaurant to stock up!

  79. I LOVE Community Coffee. Carnivale Cake is my favorite flavor. I also like the new 2009 Founder’s Blend.

  80. I have always loved Community and only drink that. My sister and I enjoyed it every night (that we are eating together) after dinner.

  81. I supply our church with Community Dark Roast in self-defense. I wouldn’t be able to last the morning with the weak-tinted water we would end up with otherwise. It turns out everyone there loves the Community Dark Roast after all!

  82. Ever since I moved back to Maryland, post-Katrina, Community Coffee by mail has been my silken liquid link to my twenty years there. Still my favorite city…..see you at Jazzfest!!!

  83. I was woken up with a cup of CC on my first morning in New Orleans and ever since no other coffee will do

  84. I am from Louisiana, but go to college out of state. Community Coffee has definitely helped get me through some long nights of studying and helps with homesickness too.

  85. I have been drinking cups of community coffee since my grandma started sneaking it to me when I was WAY too young. In Texas now, but still drink a cup of CC every morning and most afternoons.

  86. I’m a relatively new CC convert! I’ve been drinking CC for not even a year yet, maybe about 8 or 10 months. I kept seeing it mentioned in books (like the Sookie Stackhouse novels), so just out of curiosity I looked them up and checked out their website, ordered a bag of the New Orleans Blend. BEST. COFFEE.EVER. I’m a Yankee…and we are spoiled with our chain and local independent coffee stores on practically every corner up north here…but I fell in love with NO blend. And every coffee I’ve tried so far from CC. Last summer I wrote a very heartfelt comment full of praise for CC’s coffee online with no other thought in mind than to let them know they had made a Southern converted Yankee out of me, and to my great surprise I was contacted by someone in the company and got a sweet free gift from them in the mail to show their appreciation. How often do companies do that? You wouldn’t see Starbucks doing that.

    I’ve ordered several times from CC since then, and I have nary a bad thing to say. They have excellent customer service, extremely nice to deal with, shipping is fast, an excellent product – what more could you ask? CC has more than earned my customer loyalty. I have much, much love for them. I’m hoping to get down to NOLA sometime year with my hubby for vacation and one thing I’m most anticipating (besides the food :)) is stopping into a CC Coffee House!

  87. Have been drinking Community most of my life, and always will! Love their coffee and their coffee shops! Another of the Great things about our state of Louisiana!

  88. The first time I tried Community Coffee was sampling it at Publix and from then on I was hooked.

  89. I have already fanned CC on facebook and have been drinking the elixir of heaven in the form of dark roast for years! My husband and I adore it; when ever we run out of our supply, we have to go to regular brands of coffee; ugh; the morning I make a pot with a newly opened supply of CC dark roast, my husband always, always, always brags on the coffee and says it tastes wonderful! That is when I tell him that I just made a pot with a new supply of dark roast; we buy it once a year when we travel back south for a week; seems like our stash runs out wayyy too quickly; God bless CC and everyone that works for the company; you’ve got two fans at our house for community coffee , especially dark roast. I enjoy getting updates on facebook, too, CC.sure would like to win something…..

  90. CC’s coffee is great! I’m from Canada, but had it for the first time when I visited Baton Rouge for the first time about 7 years ago. Now I’m going to LSU, so I often enjoy a cup at least a couple times a week!

  91. I’m so-o-o-o glad to see other mamas fixed thier little ones coffee milk too! It’s all your Dad drinks! When he travels we do the travel size. We send it to our Mimi in AL. It’s stocking stuffers for the Bama family! I personally can’t drink any coffee anymore…so I just smell it when fixing your Dads…believe it or not smelling it is very wonderful and satisfying. Thanks CC for many wonderful years of Coffee love! I am not eligable for this giveaway as I am a family member…our family just truly loves this stuff!

  92. Sadly, I have never tasted Community Coffee….after reading about it here, I feel my life has been incomplete without it. 🙁 I love coffee and would love to try this java taste bud sensation! 🙂

    Thank you.

  93. I havent tried Community Coffee but I want a good cup of joe right now. I am part of Operation Unified Response in Haiti and the coffee here is terrible

  94. I haven’t tried it yet – let’s change that. Select me as the winner and that will change.

  95. I left Gevalia and started using Community Coffee, because I could order which coffee I wanted exactly though their Coffee Club. I couldn’t do that with Gevalia. There I was limited as to certain types of coffees I had to order through their Coffee Club. With Community Coffee, I can get the same wonderful Hazelnut flavor with every Coffee Club order! Thanks, CC, for making my life easier!

  96. I haven’t tried Community Coffee–I rarely drink coffee myself–but I surely love smelling my wife’s Hazelnut-flavored Community Coffee brewing each morning!

  97. My mom drinks Community Coffee hazelnut-flavored coffee every day of the world and swears by it! I plan on buying Community Coffee soon!

  98. I’m a Nor’easterner so I haven’t tried Community Coffee, but I’m always on the lookout for a good brew!

  99. I haven’t had Community Coffee in years. I do remember is was very good and would love to try it again.

  100. Sunday morning, downtown Baton Rouge, easy parking, morning paper, walk into Community Coffee Shop, order up a muffin and (sigh) first cup of straight black. Delicious. And the folks that work there are top notch, too!

  101. We are huge Community Coffee fans here. I was just in New Orleans three weeks ago doing some volunteer work (rebuilding houses) and I stocked up on some bricks of coffee! Supporting Community Coffee and supporting the local economy down there!

  102. I follow Community Coffee on Twitter- TriciaInRaleigh and I retweeted this page with your link above. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to put my status update link here so you can see I did the retweet.

  103. Living in New York now, I usually drink my homebrewed Community out of a travel mug I got years ago in Carnivale Cake gift set. When my homebrew is gone, I usually have to refill with some inferior New York coffee. Tragedy struck just the other day, though, when someone brushed against my bag on the subway, knocking my empty mug stowed in a side pocket, and dislodging the cap. I didn’t realize it was gone until it was too late. But, yeah, Community’s the best. New Orleans Blend and Carnivale Cake are my favorites.

  104. Also, I follow CC on Twitter. My tweets are locked to only those who follow me, so I can’t post the status update link. Here’s the c/p of my Tweet from my home feed:

    DevonHernandez RT @travelingmamas Community Coffee Travel Tumbler Gift Set Giveaway
    2 minutes ago via TweetMeme

  105. I’m a dedicated coffee drinker. One of my co-workers gave me a package of Community Coffee with chickory in it. I have to admit I didn’t like it at all, but I certainly would be willing to try any of their blends WITHOUT chickory. 😉

  106. I’ve never tried Community Coffee but so many of the comments here seem to love it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  107. I miss the old CC’s coffee shop in my neighborhood…so sad when it closed! Delicious coffee, and I’m a coffee fiend 🙂

  108. Community Coffee was given to me as a present when my friend visited me from New Orleans. I was hooked. Now I have a reason to go visit my friend more often.

  109. I haven’t tried community coffee but as a coffee lover I would love to try it.

    rhondastruthers a tyahoo dot ca

  110. I have not tried it but this could be a perfect opportunity for them to gain a new customer.

  111. When I lived in Louisiana it was all we drank (10 years), they didn’t have it when I was in Alaska so got into something else.

  112. Community Dark Roast has been a favorite of ours. We can’t always find it locally so my mother sends it to us every Christmas as part of a basket she puts together.

  113. I have no experience with Community coffee and I would like to start…with New Orleans Blend and a fleur de lis cup!

  114. I first had Community Coffee on a trip to New Orleans. Now I by the NO blend all the time. Thanks.

  115. I’m from New Orleans so I definitely know what Community coffee is all about! Actually I order their coffee with chicory regularly and stop at CC’s when I’m down there.

  116. I have never tried Community Coffee, but I would love to!

  117. I am a Fan of Community Coffee on Facebook
    Carol Anderson Ezovski

  118. I haven’t tried it but would love to. Good for you promoting this good company

  119. We lived in New Orleans for eight years and I used to buy Community all the time. Love it and miss it!

  120. Obviously I have been missing out – big time! I love coffee, any time of the day or night, but have not had the chance to try this.

  121. I have not tried Community Coffee, but I have heard good things about it from a friend who visited New Orleans

  122. I have not tried Community Coffee. However, the fact that former Louisiana residents still order this coffee when they can purchase other brands from sources closer to home speaks positively about the product

  123. I have not tried Community Coffee, but the recommendations on their web site encourage first-time purchases

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