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Carnival Cruise Lines asks “Hey America, Didja Ever?”

We love campaigns that inspire people and we wanted to share this fabulous campaign by Carnival Cruise Lines.

2011 will be here in just a few days and many of us will be thinking of what we accomplished in 2010 and what we’d like to do in the New Year. Carnival Cruise Lines, one of the top cruise lines for families and all around fun has asked the question – “Hey America, Didja Ever?”

Kids playing on beach at Lucaya National Park Bahamas (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.com

“Didja Ever” zip line across a rain forest? Catch air on a wave runner? Jump into an impromptu performance of Thriller between courses at dinner? Well, mark your new calendar for more fun and firsts! Carnival Cruise Lines unveiled its “Hey America, Didja Ever” campaign that inspires people to try new things to add more fun – and ultimately, happiness and satisfaction – to their lives. Carnival will help consumers share, fulfill and celebrate first-time experiences throughout the year, driven by the “Didja Ever” campaign headquarters on Carnival’s Facebook page and promoted through exciting and interactive broadcast, online, social media and local marketing efforts.

MommyMusings and CajunMama on the Carnival Fantasy for their first family cruise experience (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.comWe love this campaign at TravelingMamas.com because we’re all about being happy and making travel memories – What better way to accomplish this than making a list of things you’ve always wanted to try or places you’ve always wanted to go.

Carnival is collecting the Top 100 Firsts from its more than 420,000 (and growing) Facebook fans and all of America. The company is encouraging people to check things off their lists, share experiences through photos and video, and create once-in-a-lifetime events and memories. Of course, the Fun Ship company will also help to fulfill many firsts for participants that will include everything from giving away monthly cruise vacations for four to offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities like appearing on-stage as the opening act for a favorite band, and many other fun activities online and in major markets.

“As a company that is built upon fun and memorable vacation experiences, we thought that it was time to help Americans put fun on the front burner,” said Jim Berra, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Carnival Cruise Lines.  “The ‘Didja Ever’ campaign reminds people it’s time to make their list and start living that list to the fullest. And we’ll provide a little help along the way to fulfill some of these wishes in surprising and unexpected ways throughout the year.”

Dancing in the Dining Room on the Carnival Fantasy Cruise (c) Shannon Hurst Lane | TravelingMamas.comI don’t know about you, but I love to try new things, have fun while doing them, and just enjoy the adventure that is life. We took our first family cruise last year on the Carnival Fantasy out of Charleston, SC and enjoyed every moment of it (you can read my daughter’s review of Circle ‘C’). It was good, clean, family fun to enjoy a fancy sit down dinner each night as a family, ending our meal singing and dancing with the wait staff.

According to a consumer survey commissioned by Carnival earlier this month, nine out of 10 adults have a list of things they wish to accomplish in their lifetime. Robert Mack, author of the bestselling book, “Happiness From the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment,” and celebrity life coach explains, “If you want to live your best life, start by setting a goal that deeply inspires and excites you on a personal level so you’ll stick to it. If you can stay engaged and keep it fun, you’ll be more committed.”

Mack added that another important element of success is sharing your goal with other people who will support you and cheer you on.  Studies have shown people are up to 10 times more likely to accomplish a goal when they write it down.  So sharing that wish or First with your friends on Carnival’s Facebook page is a great first step to achieving success.

I just started reading my own personal copy of Mack’s book and will let readers know my thoughts when I’ve completed this task. Don’t be surprised if you turn on your television this week to see an inspiring commercial by Carnival Cruise Line with the message of having fun and asking you the question “Didja Ever?”

Here are some of my personal “Didja Ever” goals for 2011 –

Did you ever attend the Consumer Electronics Show? I’ve always had this on my geeky tech list and things happened to work out to throw this opportunity across my path.

Did you ever go to Hawaii? I’ve been to Hawaii a few times, but my husband hasn’t ever had the chance. In 2011 we’re going there together to visit the Island of Lanai.

Did you ever take a cruise around Europe? My parents have had a cruise and trip to Europe on their lifelong list of things to do in life. They’ve been retired for a few years and keep setting this aside as life keeps getting in the way. Thanks to Carnival, the three of us will take part in the inaugural launch of the Carnival Magic, which sails from Venice, Italy to Barcelona, Spain.

An additional “Didja Ever” I hope to accomplish in 2011 – Didja Ever think to incorporate giving back on your family vacation? I’m hoping to take my family on a Volun-Cruise out of New Orleans or another nearby port and bring other families along with us.

What are YOU waiting for? Make that list and start checking off the fun things. Be sure to visit Carnival’s FaceBook page where you can enter to win a cruise of your own and don’t forget to make a wish on the Carnival Wishing Wall before New Year’s Eve!

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  1. What a great post- you really got me thinking! I would also recommend the book: Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley. I just started reading it, and it’s full of wonderful insight on implementing the Law of Attraction as we visualize our goals for 2011.

  2. I’m a mama too, as well as my 2 grown daughters. Many years ago we took a cruise on the Imagination and had the best vacation EVER!!
    We would love to do it again!

  3. I have been on 2 cruises. One on Conquest, and other Triump. (Conquest) 7 day cruise REALLY REALLY AWESOME, the other a 5 day. I loved both of them but the 7 day is the way to go. I would love to also go to Hawaii. My husband and I use to take a small vacations every 2 years, we will no longer take those it will always be a cruise. Get on the ship forget your worries, go into a completely different world. All the food, best hamburger and fries. Really all the food was awesome, and all hand cooked . Would love to win a cruise, but in another year if God says the same will book one. My true story, Vickie Dupre

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