In-Flight Safety Gets Funky

How many of you don’t pay attention to flight attendants during the in-flight safety briefing before your flight takes off? These briefings are for a reason – they provide important information should there be an emergency onboard the aircraft and offers tips to keep everyone safe during the flight. I’m sure the flights attendants want to yawn while going through the motions of this routine. I know I try not to yawn and do my best to give them my full attention.

Here are some entertaining ways airlines are getting funky during the in-flight safety instructions to keep passengers interested and informed.

I love Richard Simmons in this Air New Zealand safety video when he says, “Stretch! You’re a Giraffe!”

Cebu Pacific Airlines Flight Attendants get their groove on while demonstrating the safety information.

I love this classic from Southwest with the Rapping Flight Attendant, who definitely gets some audience participation.

Thomson Airways has this super-cute safety video starring kids.

Of course, there are the parodies, such as this 2007 funny safety video from MADtv. Maybe it isn’t a parady, but an actual glimpse into the future, judging by what extras many airlines charge for.

Have you been on an airlines that put a new twist on the in-flight safety briefing?

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  1. I guess Southwest doesn’t compare.

    I don’t understand parents ho-humming through the safety drill with their kids. We started looking at the “about this aircraft” card as soon as he wouldn’t bite it, and have always counted it & the safety drill as free entertainment.

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