Wii Best Family Outdoor Fun Game Giveaway

The first thing my son packs for any family vacation road trip is a game system. I’m always glad when he brings it, because as a family we love playing multi-player games in the evenings or if the weather prohibits an outdoor adventure.

When we aren’t traveling, the neighbors will stop by for a visit on the back patio. The kids break out the games and before we realize it, we have a neighborhood game-fest in progress.

outdoorfun_logo_1LayerThe entire neighborhood was excited when a package arrived at the door late the other evening. It included copies of a brand new Wii game. We broke open the package and tried out Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun.

I was Ninja Mom, while the kids raced boats at Summer Camp. My husband enjoyed the family football game. There are even board games and many other types of games to keep a family entertained. I wouldn’t suggest this for the smaller kids because there is a small bit of mild cartoon violence, but for the 10 and up crowd, we’re good to go!

Here’s what the company says:

Bring the outdoors in with the greatest value in family entertainment—Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun has something to offer everyone exclusively on the Wii™ with a wide variety of engaging and addictive party games featuring martial arts, team sports, individual athletics, and challenging brain games.  Players can choose from over a dozen cute characters, participate in up to four player competitive action, and unlock games and challenges to achieve the highest score and win medals!  Offering hours of at-home entertainment, Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun is a great value at $19.95 and a perfect follow-up to the 2008 smash-hit for families and friends to enjoy together.

Want to win a copy of Family Party: 30 Great Games Outdoor Fun? Just leave a comment stating if you think it is okay to allow kids to play video games while traveling. That’s all! One entry per email address. Contest ends September 29, 2009 at 11:59pm with winner being announce sometime the next day. US residents only. Must be 18 to enter.

Winner Update: Congrats to Jaclyn Reynolds!

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  1. I not only think it’s OKAy to let them play video games when traveling, I encourage it, especially on a plane.

  2. I think it’s a great idea to allow kids to play games while traveling, Kids can get so bored in the car on long trips which can stress everyone out, and games help keep them occupied.

  3. I think it’s great. Keeps their minds occupied and helps the driver maintain focus on the road without having to worry about the kids in the back!

  4. It’s a great way to pass the time when you drive. If I don’t have to hear ‘Are we there yet?’ I’m all for it

  5. I think that it ok for kids to play games while they are traveling. On long trips is really does keep them occupied and not bored. There is nothing worse the kids being bored in a vehicle for hours.

  6. I think it is fine for letting kids play video games while traveling. Helps to keep them from getting bored and asking a million times are we there yet.

  7. funny you mention it! We have Nintendo DSs that only come out when we travel, and only on the plane. Up until last year, we were very much about books, games and other activities for the plane, but I have to tell you, the DS has freed us up to enjoy our trip more, especially during one of the more stressful parts (flying!). It is not for everyone, but certainly works for us…

  8. I totally agree with you about packing the games. My son packs his just to go somewhere for 2 days!! It ends up being a great source of entertainment for out entire family.

  9. I have no problem with them playing video games while traveling or resting in the hotel/cabin. I think you need to make sure you set ground rules and make sure that they know that when we’re doing family activities that the games are left behind.

  10. I really don’t see a problems with them playing video games while traveling. Keeps them happy and makes the time go quicker for them. Thanks.

  11. My family drove cross country when I was 10 and the only thing to do in the car was play I Spy, Car Bingo or sleep. I would have welcomed video games to keep me occupied.

  12. I think it’s perfect for when you are stuck inside because of the weather. I’m definitely for anything that keeps kids entertained when traveling. Usually if we are going through some really cool area, I make all games or tv get turned off so we can check things out, otherwise if I’m making the 9 hour trip back home with 3 kids by myself….whatever works.

  13. Yes, it is okay to let kids play video games while traveling. It keeps them occupies when otherwise they would be bored.

  14. Yes, if it keeps them occupied and quiet for a short period of time – great!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  15. Yes, I think it is okay. Traveling is so boring and if that keeps kids happy and passes the time, more power to them!

  16. We are big gamers in this family so I absolutely think it’s fine to use game systems while traveling. As with everything in life, the key is moderation. Thanks for the contest opportunity!

  17. Maybe in the car for long rides – but once at our destination, I say video games are off limits until we leave to go home!

  18. I think it is ok to let your kids play video games while traveling, however as soon as you get to your destination make them put it away. It is now family time!

  19. Oh yeah–playing on their DS’s are what keep my kids from picking at each other the whole way there! Thanks for the contest!

  20. I think it’s okay if your in the car or plane. I don’t think kids should play games while they are family activities to do or that type of thing.

  21. I think it’s perfectly fine to let children play video games while traveling because it keeps piece of home with them at all times plus keeps them busy on a long plane or car trip, if the system is portable. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  22. My kids play travel hockey, so yes, I do allow them to play video games. It is great for the whole family to play.

  23. my kids play while traveling and while waiting at restaurants – love it!!!!

    I’d love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  24. I think video games are great for the kids as long as parents control the content and the amount of time the game is played.

  25. Yes, we often travel from Seattle to KS via our car so we definitely bring all kinds of video games for the 26+ hour drive. We have a game cube and an original x-box that we can hook to the dvd player in our van and we have two DS’s as well to keep us sane during the drive and once we get to grandma’s house, there isn’t alot to do so I let hte kids play video games so they aren’t breaking grandma’s vintage china or depression glass.

  26. Yes I think it is okay for kids to play video games while traveling. I would think it would keep there minds occupied instead of asking how much long all the time. I would be picking out the games though. There are some out there that I don’t think are very suitable for children.

  27. I don’t think it’s a good idea for a kid to zone out totally during a really long trip but if you can allow video games for short periods of time interpersed with conversation and other games, I think it’s fine.

  28. Video games do help the miles melt away and definitely decreases the “Are we there yet?” refrain.

  29. I think it’s OK for part of the time. Sometimes I think it’s nice for them to take in the scenery and learn something about different parts of the country.

  30. If you have ever been on a long road trip without video games for the kids to play with I’m sure you’ll agree, as I do, it’s not only okay to allow it’s a needed item to maintain your sanity.

  31. I think playing video games in the car on the way to a vacation spot is fine if they keep the volume down. I prefer them to not play while on vacation unless they are absolutely bored out of their mind. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  32. We let our son play his DS while traveling in the car on road trips. We also take either our Wii or Playstation 2 when we are going to stay in a hotel to play a little in the evenings. Then we all can still spend time doing something together as a family instead of sitting and watching tv.

  33. I let my kids play video games while traveling on long trips. I find they only play for 30 minutes to an hour total anyway so no big deal.

  34. It is totally okay to let your children play video games while traveling especially longer distances. Video games get a bad rap sometimes but there are a lot of decent ones out there. Moderation is key.

  35. I think it’s fine – of course I wish mine would read but that’s never going to happen so…. video games it is!

  36. I think it’s OK while on the plane or in the car, and of course like you pointed out, if the weather is bad. It’s a lot better than bored kids goofing around and annoying other travelers!

  37. i think its great while traveling to and from the destination.. we are always too busy while actually at our destination to think about video games

  38. I think it is fine. Traveling can be stressful for anyone so it is nice for kids to have a distraction sometimes. Thanks for the chance!!!

  39. I believe several – but not all – video games offer value and what better way to break up some of the monotony and/or stress of travel than to find a form of entertainment that you can take with you! 😉

  40. I see nothing wrong with kids playing video games while traveling. Travel can be tedious for adults and absolute torture for kids. Best to keep them occupied with something fun. Thank you for the chance to win.

  41. i dont have a problem with this, if you have ever been on a long road trip you would understand, but i think that it should be used in moderation!!

  42. I think its ok, as long as the amount of time is limited. When stuck in the car, I’ll do anything to keep the kids entertained!

  43. yes, I think it’s a great idea while traveling-makes riding in the car more enjoyable for everyone!

  44. Yes! While I agree that video games are good only in moderation, travel is one of their best times. Fun and educational video games are best, but anything to keep the kids occupied or happy when in for a long drive or plane ride.

  45. No, I don’t think it’s okay to play video games while travelling. Whenever children are playing video games or have ear buds stuck in their ears from iPods, etc., they become disassociated with the rest of the family. They also become oblivious to all the things they see along the way in their travels.

  46. While driving or flying playing video games keeps young minds active and engaged. However, once at the destination or visiting, the videal games should be put away.

  47. While in route to the destination I think it’s OK to play games – reading would be better but both would work. While on vacation and touring – visiting the destination – no gaming allowed.

  48. I think it’s okay as long as you limit the amount of time they are playing them. A car ride can be very boring for kids, heck it’s boring for me, so I think anything that helps pass the time is fine. Once we are at the destination I think other things should be done instead of video games but they can also come in handy while I’m trying to get ready for the day or as a wind down at the end of the day.

  49. I think it’s ok if the drive is not distracted and there is a time limit..children should enjoy the scenery as well!

  50. I do. It really cuts down on the frustrating feature you have when traveling with kids


  51. While traveling I think anything that keeps them quiet is a good thing, even if it’s video games. I don’t know how they do it though I get nauseous just reading a knitting pattern in the car.

  52. I definitely think video games can be allowed during travel, depending on the child, especially if the game promotes learning or family bonding!

  53. As long as the video game that the child is playing is age and content appropriate I think that they are a wonderful idea while traveling.
    To me it allows the parent that is driving to be able to pay more attention to the road versus breaking up arguments,screaming etc.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  54. Personally, I would try something other than video games but I can understand that some parents would disagree.

  55. I think video games are OK, but they shouldn’t be used for the whole journey. Taking time to point out interesting things, playing I Spy or singing along to songs would give children’s eyes a rest from watching the screen.

  56. I love the video games that my kids play. Most of them are full of puzzles and encourage logic and persistence. So, yes, I think it’s fine for kids to play while traveling.

  57. Absolutely. While traveling. That means in a car, train, plane or boat. But as soon as the destination is reached the game goes away and we enjoy the vacation as a family.

  58. While traveling HECK YA… However, I’m the Mom that wants the games to be educational and have tried to only get educational games for them… It makes the trips seem shorter and if there is no tv, pool, etc at the stops along the way a little family game time is fun..

  59. Yes I think that it is OK. They can get bored easy. We also like to play other games while traveling such as I Spy.

  60. Yes I think it is ok for kids to play games while traveling. My daughter often carries her ds or her mp3 layer recently we started playing ISpy which is more educational and she loves it.

  61. I think it is fine for kids to play their games while traveling. I also think it is great to listen to music and try to learn something about the place we are traveling to.

  62. Sure, I think it is okay to allow children to play video games when a family is on vacation or traveling. It is great to make up games, as well, or to do the ever popular “Eye Spy.” I always point out things that I see that are interesting and make our daughter stop what she is doing to see it also. Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. Like in the car?
    Well, I think its ok , but carsickness runs in our family.
    So probably not a good idea, and in the hotel..no I don’t think so.
    Care rides can be boring, so thats understandable, but once we reach the destitination its family time.

  64. I absolutely think it is okay for kids to play games while traveling. As long as it keeps them occupied and has the appropriate ratings, I don’t see why not.

  65. Ok? I think that is the ONLY way to travel long distances. I can understand them in the day, wanting to make sure they see the sights, talk and engage, but at night? Get out the games!

  66. I do not see a problem with them playing video games while traveling. It makes the time pass faster for them and you don’t here “are we there yet” all the way there. We like to take road trips which usually means 10 hours in the car. My kids don’t play lots of video games but I have them bring their hand held system in case they choose to.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  67. I think it’s fine in moderation, especially if you’ll be traveling awhile. Anything that keeps them entertained is great!

  68. I think it is fine. I wish I had any one of these great conveniences that kids have today. All I ever got was the hump seat ….

  69. I think video games and TV are both fine for travel. They can’t be up and moving about (exercising) anyway, they may as well be entertained!

  70. Of course it’s fine to let kids play video games while traveling, I can’t think of any reason not to?! Anything that keeps my kids occupied and not fighting is great in my opinion lol 😀 I know I would’ve wanted to when I was their age, in fact I still do 😉

  71. I think that it is okay to let them play while traveling, but like most things… in moderation. Make sure they stop and enjoy the trip.

  72. Yes, its ok to play video games while traveling! It helps keep everyone quiet and probably has prevented me from getting in an accident! (I’m talking about a 600 mile trip from MI to NC, about a 12 hour drive!)

  73. Our kids play video games all the time when traveling. As long as they take time to look out the window and enjoy the scenary once in awhile, more power to them.

  74. Anything that keeps them quite (as long as it doesn’t induce car sickness) is ok with me! Thanks for the contest, our wii doesn’t get a whole lot of use these days, maybe this would help.

  75. In moderation sure but not if all they want to do is play video games instead of participating in family activities.

  76. I think video games are fine to pass the time, as long as they are seeing some sites as we go along too!

  77. Aarrgghh! Do they have to be everywhere? I think vacations are a good time to do other things rather than video games. So I vote NO! Thanks for the contest.

  78. I think it’s ok .. My kids bring their Ds Lites and DVD players on trips, it keeps them busy & they are fighting less. Also , I took my wii & wiifit when we went to camp for the week. I still needed to exercise. And Just in case weather permits only indoors activity-we can play as a family.

  79. I let my son play his DS while we travel,I wish I had something like that!


  80. I think it’s a great idea to allow children to play video games while traveling! It keeps them entertained and happy.

  81. I won’t travel with out my own video games to play during the long ride. I think it keeps the kids busy and some games are educational!!! shhh I won’t tell the kids brain age makes them smarter:)

  82. Yes, anything to keep them occupied to get from point a to point b. We are satisfied that other times are spent on a variety of things that the time spent travelling playing video games isn’t a big deal. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  83. I think it’s fine, I’m not a fan of violent games but each parent has a different opinion on what is violent.

  84. I guess we do, since the first thing in my daughter’s bag when we travel is her Nintendo DS, we also do cruises, and so my daughter spends most of her time in the kids club playing video games lol!

  85. Yes I think it’s okay as long as they don’t play for hours and hours, don’t fight or get car sick 🙂

  86. Yes, indeed. Especially if they use headphones. It keeps them occupied and happy…for the most part, unless they are frustrated with the way the game is going for them. lol

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