Clean Slate 2009 Riesling #wine

I was extremely delighted to find a delivery of wine samples, which included a bottle of Clean Slate 2009 Riesling, a German wine from the Mosel River Valley. It is a blend of grapes found throughout the Mosel region. The Lower Mosel grapes provide mineral notes, the Middle Mosel grapes add a hint of spiciness, and the Upper Mosel grapes supply the fresh, peach flavors. 

I chilled the bottle and waited for the late summer sun to dip beyond the horizon, settling the area into a rosy glow of evening. I sat on my back patio and ended up experiencing one of the most wonderful Rieslings to ever pass my lips. The ripe peach flavors balance any acidity and there was even a hint of lime. It is truly a clean wine. Clean Slate Riesling pairs well with Asian dishes, spicy foods, sushi, fish, poultry and pork. I personally think it would go well with a light meal or dessert. This is definitely a great value wine, with retail between $10-$12. Find out more about Clean Slate and where to purchase in your area at

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