The Reach Resort – Key West, Florida

The Reach Resort, part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection, is a luxury beachfront resort in Key West, Florida. This property is located one block from Duvall Street and sits on the only natural beach in the area. I checked out this property and found it to be an intimate hideaway for couples and adults making it perfect for a romantic escape.

The Rooms: My room was a suite overlooking the beach and pool area. The living area was spacious but I spent most of my time at the pool or exploring Key West. The bedroom was a bit small, but with the living area and balcony it didn’t seem cramped. Bathroom had shower large enough for two and enough counter space for a couple.

The Property: There was construction going on across the street, but that attests to how well the area is doing. Lobby décor was contemporary. This property is large and there was only one elevator area. The pool area was nice and big with drinks available from the bar in the restaurant. It was pretty quiet during the time I was visiting and my traveling companions and I had the pool to ourselves. The beach is fabulous being a private area on Key West’s only natural beach.

My Mama Moment: Sitting in the pool after a long day of touring Key West, tropical drink in hand.

Pros: The beach, pool, balcony and location. The property was very clean, even in nooks and crannies.

Cons: Service. I had to lug my bags up the front steps to the lobby and then make the trek from the elevator to my room, which was located on the far end of the floor. I had to stop twice to rest and didn’t think I’d ever get there.

Who Should Go: Couples and friends. I personally wouldn’t consider this a family resort, but more of an adult property. This isn’t to say that families wouldn’t be taken care of, just that the kids may find things lacking in the amenities area. My particular room had a shower, no tub, so those with itty bitty kids may have a time bathing them without getting drenched.

Price: This property is part of The Waldorf Astoria Collection, which means it’s a bit higher on the room rate and should meet certain standards. I will admit that I expected a bit more from a property that has this title attached to it.

Website: The Reach Resort, The Waldorf Astoria Collection

Special thanks to The Reach Resort who hosted part of my visit in The Florida Keys.

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  1. Hi Shannon. I go to Key West all the time and I can’t even place this resort. Thought I’d check out their website, but the link doesn’t work. In any case, I’ll scratch them off my list. Thanks for the honest review.

    1. Barbara – Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out the TripAdvisor reviews and noticed that in the past few days the property had a few complaints for service. It wasn’t a horrible property, in my opinion, but quite nice with the beach and pool. The service just isn’t what one would expect.

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