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Healthy Road Trip Snack Tips

A healthy road trip snack option is one of the most popular questions we get from our readers. All of our contributors take nutrition seriously when it comes not only to children, but also the parents. We’ve put together a list of healthy road tips snacks filled with both classics and new items we’ve tested.

Snack Mix – Before any road trip, we make our own personalized bag of snack mix for each member of the family. All of the ingredients are set out on the counter and each member writes their name on a Ziploc plastic bag and then begins to make their favorite snack mix concoction. Everyone is happy and there are no arguments regarding who ate all the snacks.

Chips – Yes, there are a few somewhat healthy chip choices out there in Consumerland. I was sent a selection of Pop Chips by the company (free samples), which are available in different flavors at grocery stores in the US. This snack is not fried or baked, but popped and is only 100 calories per serving. I would love to give a first-hand experience of each flavor, but the kids tasted a bag and ended up eating all the samples, save one bag – the cheese flavored Pop Chips. They were delicious! MommyMusings and her family tested out Pringles Multigrain Chips. She says, “The new Multigrain Pringles are light and crispy…I’d say even lighter in texture than the traditional Pringles. The flavors- Cheesy Cheddar, Truly Original and Creamy Ranch were all a hit in my house.”

Healthy road trip snack - Pop Chips

Breakfast – This is the most important meal of the day, right? What if you happen to be on the road? Be sure to bring along some fresh fruit, cereal bars, healthy muffins, and even yogurt! ThemeParkMom gives some great vacation breakfast tips along with a review of Yoplait Greek Yogurt.

Drinks – Hot car rides can really make a traveler thirsty. It’s important to stay hydrated while on the road. Pack an ice chest and fill it with bottled water, fruit juices, or anything remotely good for you. OneMomsWorld is an Aquafina Flavorsplash Mom, meaning she’s tested out the products and is sharing them with her neighborhood. Her husband even liked this hydration option, from her blog – “My hubby is really digging the lemon flavor. The best part is this water is naturally flavored with the different fruits.” I’ve personally been keeping the new Crystal Light PUREFITNESS fitness drink mix packets in my backpack (free sample for review from company). This is an easy and healthy way to replenish your body after hiking with the kids. It is portable, gluten free, and only has 15 calories.

Cheese – You already have that cooler full of iced down drinks. Why not add some of your family’s favorite cheeses? My kids like to snack on string cheese and those mini cheddar cheese slices. I keep all the cheeses in a plastic container and then set it on top of the drinks. I’m a cheese lover myself, so I make sure to bring along my favorite smoked Gouda, Brie, and whatever local cheeses we pick up along our route. I recently sampled (sent for review from company) a variety of Beemster cheeses and found a new favorite – The X-O- which is crumbly and granular but has a strong flavor that was wonderful!

Cereal/Granola Bars – This is a little TMI, but travel can make everyone, well, IRREGULAR. Nothing is worse than getting three days into your family vacation and one of the kids starts complaining of stomach pains. You know why – they need to go! Be sure that everyone gets enough fiber in their diets by sneaking it in through granola bars or other means. I recently tried out Kellogg’s Fiber Plus Chewy Bars with Antioxidants. My favorite flavor was peanut butter chocolate, but it comes in other flavors to suit your taste. Special thanks to Kellogg’s who provided free samples for review.

Healthy Road Trip Snack - Kellogg's Fiber Plus Bars

Do you have a favorite road trip snack that’s not only healthy, but tastes good too? What are some of your healthy road trip snack tips?

Disclaimer: Some of the products mentioned were sent by the companies or their representatives. While we get sent many samples to review, we only tell our readers about items we really like.

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  1. Had to laugh – your last item was definitely NOT TMI. It happens. Good reminder that we need to stay on top of our need for fiber. Great list.

  2. CajunMama–we have to suggest one more tip! Packing fruit for your trip is obviously a healthy option, but it can get messy dealing with dripping juices and leftover seeds and peels. Try a great alternative to fresh. Get funky! Funky Monkey Snacks are a crunchy, great tasting treat that offers all of the nutritional benefits of fresh fruit. Lightweight, portable 1 oz. bags are perfectly sized for road trips! They are gluten, treenut, peanut, dairy, GMO FREE plus vegan, kosher and raw. One full serving of fruit is in every ounce. Hope you’ll give them a try.

  3. We travel quite a bit either to visit family or to get to the cruise ship ports to participate in our favorite hobby, cruising. If allergies aren’t a concern, our favorite snack are nuts. Peanuts are pre-packaged in 1 and 2 oz. packages and raw almonds are great as well. When it comes to drinks, I love the Crystal Light individual flavor packs that I can mix in a bottle of water. They pack up great and keep in your bag or purse till you need them. My little niece will go around shaking all the bottles just for fun.

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