Top Romantic Spots in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is documented in the US National Archives as a “Park or Pleasuring Ground for the People.” I found during my visit that not only is the wildlife abundant, but the flora and fauna make a perfect setting for romance to blossom.

Researching romance in national parks, I found that there are more relationships that develop and endure in this active use of public lands. Here are a few of my favorite spots:

Mount Washburn – Drive to as far as you can to the top of Mount Washburn. Near the car park area is a spot of rolling land that is sometimes covered in Alpine Wildflowers. It’s a wonderful spot for a picnic, or a proposal.

Alpine Wildflowers on Mount Washburn

Shoshone Lake – The black sand of Shoshone Lake is a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon relaxing and holding hands. The lap of the water against the shore will make you think of a tropical getaway. The sand is black due to the volcanic rock (obsidian) that makes up its shores.

Old Faithful – Old Faithful is a sight to behold for any visitor of Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful under starlight is even more dramatic. Visitors rarely venture to the geyser area after dinner. This is what makes it a perfect spot for romantics. Lovers can choose to await eruption on the bleachers, or they can venture around the boardwalk.

Hint: Bring a flashlight.

Lake Yellowstone Inn – When one walks through the doors of Lake Yellowstone Inn, they are brought back to an era when one dressed up for dinner and only the wealthy visited Yellowstone. The dining room is reminded me of the Titanic dining room and makes one think of the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. The sustainable cuisine of the restaurant rivals any fare in the US. Be sure to order a Yellowstone Caldera for dessert, it is a sensuous prelude to an evening moonlight stroll.

A Yellowstone Sunset – A Yellowstone Sunset is not only a local beverage, but it is also an event to behold daily (weather permitting). Take a drive to any lookout point and await the setting of the sun with chilled champagne. Kisses are in order after the sun dips over the horizon.

Things to Do

Yellowstone National Park is run by the National Park Service(US). The park service in Yellowstone endorses programs offered by the Yellowstone Association Institute, the official partner in education with Yellowstone National Park. Check into each visitor center to see what activities and presentations are planned. Also, be sure to read Yellowstone Today, it is given out at every entrance gate to the park as the ‘official newspaper for Yellowstone National Park’, a National Park Service publication. It is full of useful and valuable information for your stay.

The Yellowstone Association Institute offers a Lodging and Learning program, in partnership with Xanterra properties. If nature, wildlife, or geology are your bag, these programs are for you.

Lodging and Dining

Xanterra is the Concessionaire of choice for Yellowstone National Park. They manage reservations and dining, as well as many of the gift shops in the Park. If you are fortunate, same day reservations may be secured, but this is like winning the lottery. Plan your stay ahead to assure lodging inside of the park. The rates are reasonable and choosing to stay inside the park will help make for a memorable visit.

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