Year to Volunteer

Volunteer and Get a Free Day at a Disney Park!

2010 is the Year of Giving and Disney Parks officially launches “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day,” a first-of-its-kind initiative with the help of HandsOn Network. Through the program, Disney Parks hopes to inspire 1 million people to perform a day of volunteer service for a participating organization in 2010 by giving them a free, one-day admission ticket to a Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort theme park. Families are encouraged to visit www.DisneyParks.com to research and sign up for a volunteer opportunity in their local community.

TravelingMamas.com has always been a big supporter of causes that give back and who can resist the added bonus of a free one-day admission to Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort?

Giving back and extending a helping hand is something I don’t just preach about, it’s something I like to practice. It is also something that our children can get involved with, no matter how big or small the project. Set an example for the younger generation by starting with small gestures, such as helping a traveler in need or even holding the door open for someone. If we all incorporate these small acts into our everyday routines, just think how nice a place this could be.

When in the vacationg planning stage, check out a website like Together for Good, which gives travelers options on how they can give back on a manageable scale yet still enjoy a relaxing vacation. Want to find out how to help in your local community? Visit DisneyParks.com and search for available opportunities in your area.

Disclaimer: Volunteering is addictive and can lead to an increase in smiles and happiness.

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