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When my children were younger, like most moms, I traveled with a bag filled with every item imaginable. An item that took up half the bag space were the diapers. Not only were they bulky, but if a bottle happened to leak in the bag or something spilled, the diaper would get wet and be unusable.

DiaperBuds The Travel DiaperI recently heard about Diaperbuds, the compact, vacuum packed diaper that seems like a bright light in the dark world of diaper bag packing for travel. These compact diapers are individually wrapped and are the size of a baseball. This makes for easy packing in a suitcase or in a carry on bag, if flying.

Diaperbuds are folded in a certain manner before being shrink-wrapped in way that doesn’t damage the diaper and its absorbency. These aren’t emergency diapers, but high quality bottom covers in waterproof and dirt-proof packaging.

This practical product was developed by three moms (sisters) with nine children between them. They were looking for a diaper that wouldn’t get ruined or dirty during a vacation. When they couldn’t find this product, they decided to develop the compact diaper themselves and this bloomed into Diaperbuds. Here’s a video of Diaperbuds and how they work:

Currently Diaperbuds can only be purchased online at DiaperBuds.com and Amazon.com. If you’d like to try this travel diaper, there is a limited time trial offer to purchase a Diaperbud for $1. Also, they are $5.99 for a small multipack bag and $17.99 for a large multipack bag. Now that we have my sweet little niece in our family, I know what’s going in her diaper bag – DiaperBuds.

Product provided by company for review purposes.

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  1. Can’t imagine why you’d pack diapers for travel!! Take your normal diaper bag for transit time plus a couple extra, then buy a pack once you arrive. Geesh. If having them (& maybe a few groceries) delivered to your hotel costs a few bucks, compare it to what you would have paid for the “privilege” of checking & schlepping enuf dipes for the whole trip.

  2. I can see the utility in these in being able to tuck one into a small bag for an afternoon out with the little one, sans diaper bag.

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