Solar Phenomena or Secret Experiment?

A solar phenomena occurred during my visit to Key West a few weeks ago. I was riding along Duval Street when I noticed people stopping to look up at the sky. It was freaky and disturbing, like a scene out of a space movie.Rainbow Ring around sun

So, of course I had to poke my head out the window to see what made people get out their cars in the middle of the road. I looked up in the clear sky and saw a shaded rainbow ring around the sun. It scared the heck out of me. I just knew that we probably had about three hours left on the planet before the END OF THE WORLD.

Actually, I picked up the phone and called a friend who was standing next to someone who knew someone at the National Weather Service. Its kinda like a cousin’s cousin’s uncle thing. The NWS explained that the ring was a product of ice crystals in the atmosphere mixed with smoke from the Yucatan. Ummm. Ok. The sky was clear. Something fishy was going on.

Me being the nosey Mama that I am, I dug around a bit and met a guy who is a former journalist. He admitted that he had been conducting his own investigation into this occurrence.

The ring around the sun that seemed to be shaded a bit inside was actually a military experiment to see what fallout would look like. The substance is supposed to be made of clay and chalk.

I have no idea what to believe, but that sure was a pretty rainbow around the sun. I just hope that pretty rainbow isn’t harmful and I’m glad to know it wasn’t some iridescent mother ship hovering over Key West.

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  1. I like to think I know a bit about meteorology, and think the first explanation is the more likely one. It’s not often you see the effect on the sun, but the ‘ring around the moon’ is seen more often.

    The ice crystals which produced the effect are in a layer so diaphanous the sky looks clear’ it’s only when they get near the sun (or moon) that the effect is seen.

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