Poche Pacifier Pouch by Kiddopatamus

Dear Baby – I know you are ticked off because you woke up from your nap and wanted your pacifier. Please just give me a few more minutes to find it somewhere in the diaper bag.

The Poche Pacifier Pouch at Kiddopatamus attaches easily to any diaper bag handle. It comes in three fashionable colors that are reversible and has a magnetic closure, stroller, belt loop, or purse. The Poche can easily carry two pacifiers, eliminating that frustration while searching at the bottom of the bag while baby is screaming. Plus, it can be cleaned in either the dishwasher or washing machine, making this product durable and practical.

Congratulations to Susan C , today’s Festivus winner. Send us an email on where to mail your Poche Pacifier Pouch.

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