Mother’s Day Community Coffee Gift Basket Contest

One thing I love about cruise travel in a suite is the VIP treatment at breakfast every morning. My favorite part of each morning was sitting in the private dining room and enjoying a cup of coffee served in a Chambord French Press. I will admit that while I’m a world traveler, some things are still new and exciting for me – including having coffee served to me in a Chambord French Press. I guess it’s the simple things that make life grand for me.

When I return from a super-duper amazing trip, I sometimes stop for coffee and a chat with my friends at Community Coffee when I’m out running errands (the main office is located conveniently near Mall of Louisiana). They love to hear about my adventures and we catch up on the latest in the social media world and fun things going on in Louisiana. Of course when I mentioned the Chambord French Press part of my cruise, my friends were surprised that being such a coffee lover, I didn’t use one of these already.

Being the sweethearts that they are, they put together and sent me a Community Coffee Mother’s Day Gift Basket that includes a Hiraca Palm basket filled with a 34 oz. Chambord French Press, 12 oz. of their Private Reserve Founders Blend, and a cute little Community Coffee signature coffee scoop.

I absolutely loved it and in full disclosure, I begged Community Coffee to allow me to host a giveaway of the same item on It retails for $44.95 US and until April 30, 2010 is can be ordered with no shipping charged in the continental US if you use the promo code: MOM.

I have the basket sitting on my counter and I’ve placed cute little napkins in it. I love how Community Coffee supports the communities that it works with. I guess that’s why I’m such a big supporter of this company (who does NOT pay me to write about them FYI). Here’s a snippet about the baskets from the company site:

In Valle del Cauca in Colombia, young families who are eager to develop their farms and build a future for their children are cultivating coffee. To help build a renewed sense of hope and a brighter future for those young families, we agreed to pay them for their coffee beans at a price substantially above world market prices. Additionally, these hardworking families make beautiful baskets. Community Coffee Company purchased some to share with you. We thank you for helping us craft a brighter future for coffee farming families.

How do you enter to win one? Just leave a comment stating where you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee for Mother’s Day (whether you are a mom or not). You have until April 30, 2010 at 11:59 pm CST to leave a comment. Winner will be randomly chosen and announced sometime over the weekend. Sorry, but this particular contest is only open to US residents (shipping rules) 18 years of age or older. One coffee comment per email address, please. Bonus entry: Tweet this contest and leave the status as different comment.

Winner Update: Congrats to Catherine!

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  1. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee with my boys and granddaughter. I would have to split myself between Southwest Harbor, Maine and Salt Lake City, UT but it would be worth it just to be with them Between the phone and the webcam, we will work it out!

  2. I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee with my mom and Meme Mother’s Day morning, while sitting my the back porch at my Meme’s house. I love spending time with them anyway, but being on that back porch is always something special.

  3. I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee with my mom on Mothers Day this year! My mom has gone above and beyond being a wonderful mother and I love her every minute of every day for it. She is an amazing woman! I love her so very much and feel she deserves the absolute best! Happy Mother’s Day mom! I hope we can enjoy long girl talk over a cup of CCs coffee!

  4. I’d love to share a cup of Community Coffee with my mom on Mother’s Day in her backyard. She has the best little swing in her backyard and we could sit out there and enjoy some morning coffee together! 🙂

  5. I would like to share a cup of coffee with my wife, mom of my two kids, on mother’s day

  6. I want to savor a cup of Community Coffee while sharing breakfast w/my 80 year old mama (whose daddy was born in Tangipahoa Parish!). I’ll set her up with her favorite muffins and we’ll look at the paper together and fight over the Sunday crossword. And really, that’s exactly what I’ll be doing on Mama Day. 🙂

  7. I would love to share a cup of coffee with my daughter who is expecting her first child and lives far away.

  8. Nothing says “Mother’s Day” to me like sitting on the veranda with my grandmother, mother and new daughter, sipping our Community Coffee (they like New Orleans Blend and I love my Medium Roast) overlooking Biloxi Bay on a balmy spring morning. Oh, how I miss the Gulf Coast!

  9. I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee in NOLA on Mother’s Day but it looks like I’ll have to settle for a cup in Silicon Valley.

  10. On Mother’s Day, I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee in New Orleans at Cafe DuMonde with my Maw Maw and my Mom! (and my husband and daughter, of course!)

  11. I would enjoy drinking a cup of coffee and enjoying a great day with my wonderful family, my husband, two great sons and my dog.

  12. i would love to have a cup on my deck in the morning before the kids get up.just sitting in peace listening to the birds.

  13. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee on Mother’s Day on my back porch looking at the garden.

  14. I’d love to be enjoying coffee with my future mother-in-law and the man I love in London where he was born and where she lives. My mother passed away and Julie is now like a mother to me.

  15. I’d like to be sitting in my favorite chair just relaxing and reading the Sunday paper. A quiet moment before the kids and grandkids come over.

  16. I would like to be on my sofa, with the fireplace going, my cat next to me, and everyone sleeping. Peace!

  17. Since I can’t be with my mom on Mother’s Day, I’d luv to talk to her on the phone all day.


  18. I’d just love to enjoy a cup of coffee WITH mom but she lives far, far away. 🙁
    If I won, I’d send her this lovely gift.

  19. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee on Mother’s Day on my front porch swing.

  20. I lost my mother too early in my life (and her life). Even though I still think of her on most days, I have not devoted enough “quality time” with her lately — so I would enjoy a cup of coffee on mother’s day with some quite time looking over pictures and writing and thinking about her and us.

  21. Since this is for Mother’s Day and I can dream anything I’d like, I’d love to have my cup of coffee in South Africa while on safari. I’m sitting outside my tent, early morning, listening to the animals gathered at the water hole and watching the sun rise over the savannah! 🙂 THAT would be the perfect cup of coffee! 🙂

  22. I enjoy my first cup of coffee on my patio as the sun is rising…daily ritual for me…and I do love my coffee! Mother’s Day will be no different…I am always the first awake.

    Thank you. 🙂

  23. On the deck to enjoy some quiet, fresh air, and nature. After sleeping in late, of course.

  24. I’ll be at my favorite place on Mothers day, enjoying my morning coffee sitting at my desk in the very quiet early morning hours (usually between 4-4:30 am) checking email and entering some of my favorite sweepstakes while the rest of the house is sleeping soundly, I love getting up early before the rest of the house and prefer sitting at my desk sipping on my morning cup of joe, on Mothers day and every other day of the year.
    thanks for the great contest

  25. I would enjoy a cup on coffee on Mother’s Day with my sis.
    She always treats me to a good meal that day!

    barbara.montyj at gmail dot com

  26. With my Sweetie and Son on the deck at his cabin on the river… So peaceful and relaxing… perfect for a ME day.

  27. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee on a Florida beach just after sunrise on a warm, sunny day.

  28. I would enjoy a cup of coffee sitting outside on my porch while watching my children laughing and playing in the front yard.


  30. I would love to have a cup of coffee with my wife, our 2 kids, and my mom kicking back out in the patio.

  31. I would love to be enjoying a cup of coffee while sitting on a sand dune watching the waves roll in.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  32. I have a 12 oz french press and love it, but it is a hasselto have that extra cup. I like to drink that first cujp of coffee while on my computer.

  33. Love to sit on my patio with my three daughters and listen to the birds and watch the wildlife.

  34. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee on my front porch, with my newspaper on Mother’s Day. That would be divine! I fell in love with Community Coffee when we visited NOLA, and need to order some!

  35. I would like to have coffee with my wonderful mom-in-law at a downtown cafe’. 😉

  36. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee with my mom out at the cabin by the lake Mothers Day morning. Its very peaceful


  37. I’ d like to be enjoying a cup at a restaurant called Stacks with my daughter and grandkids.

  38. I’d love to sit and drink a cup of coffee with my son on Mother’s Day. He is working long hours these days and I hardly get to see him.

  39. I’d love to drink a cup of coffee with my mom, husband and son, who loved me through cancer this past year. Location is irrelevant, as long as we’re all there…

  40. My mom, mother of nine children, including me, is 78 years old and still kicking! I would love to share a cup or two of our favorite coffee (Community, of course) with her at the house I grew up in. She and Dad have created a lovely backyard with all kinds of flowers that attract all kinds of birds. We’d chat and drink our coffee with that delightful view.

  41. My wife is a fan of COMMUNITY COFFEE. We have lived in Louisiana for several years iand it was the best there, then moved away, where we order a few times a year because nothin compares to your coffee.

  42. I like coffee on my porch while I water my patio plants and watch the birds at the feeder

  43. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee under sunny skies watching my puppies play in our backyard at home for Mother’s Day! 🙂

  44. I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee on mother’s day with my 3 daughters and my wonderful husband. Without these special people I would never have known the joys of motherhood, and mother’s day would be just another day.

  45. I’d love to be enjoying a cup of coffee in Bali! I’ve always loved Bali, for some reason, since I was a little child, and would want to visit there!

  46. On a beach in Florida, but that won’t happen, so I guess I’d enjoy it relaxing in my lounge chair at home 🙂

  47. I would like to share a cup of coffee with my mom on Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, I cannot take time off for a trip right now. Thanks.

  48. I would love to share a cup of coffee with my kids and husband on our back porch, a wonderful sunny day and a fantastic brunch!!

  49. I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee for Mother’s Day, right at home on my front porch early in the morning!

  50. I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband at the park while we watch our kids play.

  51. I’d love to sit on my screened porch by my lilac bush that’s in bloom and be surrounded by my children and husband. perfect setting for a great cup of coffee in the morning. thanks.

  52. I would love to enjoy some coffee on my front deck with a great book. Thanks for the chance.

  53. Would love to be on a beach somewhere but I guess I will settle for my back patio!

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