A Babymoon for Matthew McConaughey?

Matthew McConaughey announced yesterday on his website that his girlfriend, Camila, is three months pregnant. This means that their window of opportunity for planning a Babymoon is slowly closing. They have passed the first trimester, where travel isn’t recommended, so this gives them three to four months before the end is near…….the end of life as freewheeling travelers.

But what is a Babymoon, you ask? A Babymoon is the last travel hurrah for an expecting couple before another being is added to the relationship. Here are some of TravelingMamas.com picks for Babymoons:


The Grand Lido Resort and Spa in Negril is an all inclusive resort offers 24 hour room service, prenatal spa treatments, a 30 minute personal training session for dad, and the in room bar is stocked daily with pickles, chocolate bars, and ginger ale for mom.


Las Ventanas al Paraiso in San Jose del Cabo beautifies mom and distresses dad with prenatal massage, luxury accommodations, and even a gift for baby.


E’Terra in Tobermory, Ontario offers extra pillows for mom’s comfort at night, special treats to satisfy cravings, spa treatments for mom and dad, fitness advice for before the birth and after, and they even offer a cooking class on how to make your own babyfood and healthy eating during and after pregnancy.

Charleston, SC

This destination offers various Babymoon packages at local hotels and inns, such as Planters Inn and Andrew Pickeney Inn.


Casa Madrona Hotel and Spa in Sausalito offers Babymoon packages for short or longer visits. The packages include a private picnic, parent-to-be spa treatments, and special treats for Mom and Dad.

The Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach offers a baby moon getaway that includes a basket of diapers and a onesie, an evening treat of Baby Brickle ice cream, breakfast in bed, and a commemorative bottle of wine, for after the birth.

These are just a few of the many Babymoon packages offered around the world. If you have a favorite hotel, be sure to inquire about available Babymoon packages, or make your own. Before traveling during pregnancy, consult your physician.

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  1. Yep, that baby will be one cutie-patootee!

    Hubby and I went on a babymoon when I was 6 months pregnant, and we had a great time heading up the coast of northern California, seeing the redwoods (something bigger than me at the time — hooray!) and lounging at a terrific B&B, the Fensalden Inn. I highly recommend babymoons!


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