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Road Trip with @Enterprise Rent-A-Car {plus giveaway}

It’s that time of the winter where cabin fever has surely set in and many families are itching for a road trip adventure. Here in Louisiana we’ve just celebrated the Mardi Gras Carnival season, which is actually a family friendly experience. With Mardi Gras season over, it doesn’t mean the end of Good Times, it’s only a prelude to the springtime festivals and fun happening all around Louisiana.

With just a few weeks left of winter, we’re chomping at the bit to get out of the house and take a winter road trip. While my family loves to take road trips in our own vehicle, we realized that my little VW Beetle isn’t always the best option for an entire family. The past few road trips we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and put my vehicle in for regular maintenance and we’ve been utilizing vehicles from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. It not only saves the mileage on our own vehicle, but also cuts down on some of the normal wear and tear of owning a vehicle. And the bonus? We know the family is safe and secure on the road and that help is just a quick phone call away, if needed.

Here’s an Instagram picture of an Enterprise Rent-A-Car we used for a road trip from Louisiana to Alabama.

Let the #SouthernRoadTrip begin! #travel

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Yes, we really love road trips, but I had no idea that where we’re from in the US had anything to do with our highway wanderlust. Enterprise provided this neat graphic showing what parts of the US road trip more often than others.

Enterprise Graphic Regions 10 2 14

We’ve also taken trips to destinations by plane and then rented a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car to explore other parts of the US. When visiting family in Boston and then driving to the family summer home in Maine, it’s convenient for us to use Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the round trip holiday. And Enterprise is such a stellar car rental company, my husband has used Enterprise Rent-A-Car for years while he pilots planes into towns and cities around the US for overnight trips. Enterprise Rent-A-Car has consistently been part of my family’s life, for business and travel.

Road Trip from Boston

This cold and dreary weather has me dreaming of warm weather road trips. If you could take a road trip before winter is over to beat the winter blues, where would you dream of going? Share your dream in the comment below and don’t forget to enter through the Rafflecopter entry below. You can also use social media for other entries, as well.

For more information about Enterprise and to rent a car for a future road trip, visit www.Enterprise.com.

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  1. If I could go on a road trip right now, it would have to be to Key West…the only place in the US that is warm right now!

  2. The ultimate road trip would be driving Route 66 … one day hubby and I will do that!

  3. My grandma really wants to take a road trip to visit us in Oregon. I would go pick her up and we would see the sights & hit every oyster bar on the way.

  4. If I could go on a road trip right now I would go the ocean and get warm in Florida!

  5. I would go to Northern California! Right now I’m stuck in SoCal and it’s getting boring!

  6. I’m going on a road trip to the grand canyon in April so this would be a lovely treat to spend for my 30th!

  7. Oh I would love to go to Georgia! Carter really wants to visit the Georgia Aquarium and see the Whale Sharks!

  8. We live in the glorious West and there is so much to see. We love road trips! I’d like to drive to Yellowstone this September.

  9. I would go visit my daughter in college. I love visiting her. I miss her.

  10. I would maybe go to the Outer Banks. I think it would be nice to walk the beach in the cooler weather. Thank you!!

  11. I don’t care where I’d go, just as long as it was warm with NO snow!

  12. I would head straight to Florida to see my sister, she is so far away from me and she is all I have left, thanks

  13. If I could go on a road trip it would be to Dallas, Texas. My sister lives there with my beautiful niece and nephew, and I have not seen them in a bit, so I would love to visit.

  14. If I could go on a road trip right now, it would have to be to Fort Collins Colorado. I want to see my brother.

  15. If I left right now, I’d have to go to Tampa, FL. My sister lives there and its so much warmer there than here. We’ve had so many school delays because the wind chills were so below freezing. It would be fun to get our kids together too! They are cousins, and barely know each other’s names. Living too far apart.

  16. I would like to go where it is warm enough to camp in the woods and hike through some mountains. So Tennessee maybe.

  17. If I could go on a road trip it would be to drive to Nikiski, AK to go visit family 🙂

  18. I’d go south where it’s warmer. Maybe down to Texas Gulf coast.
    Thanks for the contest.

  19. Definitely South, warmer, sunnier, no snow. I think I’d just drive all the way to the Keys.

  20. I would go anywhere that it is warm and sunny and not snowing. I am so sick of snow I want to scream. Maybe Florida or San Diego.

  21. I would like to go UTAH to Salt Lake city to see my old time friend i didnt see for many years.

  22. My road trip wold take me to the Seattle area to visit my daughter and son in law.

  23. This is amazing. If I could go anywhere right now I would choose to go about 4 hours away to South Carolina to visit my Mama. I miss her so much and theres no other place I’d rather be! xo

  24. Road trip to the islands??? No…ok how about somewhere warm and fun..Miami..

  25. Road trip? I’d be off to New York City to see great plays and eat in wonderful restaurants.

    Thanks for a nifty giveaway!

  26. I would drive up to Mass. where I left off on the Appalachian Trail, get my backpack and start hiking north.

  27. I would go on a road trip to California to visit my nephew in graduate school. Thank you for the terrific giveaway!

  28. I would go to the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. I would make sure to visit Cades Cove and come back home through Cherokee, NC.

  29. I’d go up to Illinois to visit family, who hasn’t seen our 6 month old daughter yet.

  30. I would go to Illinois to visit family but then maybe continue to Wisconsin to go to Wisconsin Dells.

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