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Duffy the Disney Bear

Duffy the Disney Bear at EpcotDuffy the Disney Bear is one of the newest additions to the Disney character lineup. Duffy is pretty special for travel lovers as he was made by Minnie Mouse as a companion for Mickey Mouse to take with him on his voyages. Minnie knew that Mickey was about to embark on a world trip, so she stayed up all night sewing and creating Duffy the Disney Bear, just for Mickey.

Mickey adored this soft, plush bear and named him Duffy. Since then, Duffy has traveled with Mickey Mouse to various ports including California, Japan, Castaway Cay, Paris, and Hong Kong. At each stop they posed for pictures with Mickey and Duffy grinning “Cheese” for each photo.

Duffy caught the travel bug and if you’re visiting Epcot, you can catch Duffy around the Mexico pavilion near the Friendship Gazebo, waiting on Mickey to take him on his next expedition. At Disney’s California Adventure he can be found gazing at the water at Paradise Pier. You can snap a picture with Duffy at either of these two places or even bring home your own Duffy. Minnie made a few more Duffy Bears and even sent one to our house just before Christmas, because she knows how much we like to travel.

Duffy the Disney BearDuffy the Disney Bear is only available for sale at Epcot theme park and select locations at the Walt Disney World Resort. You can’t find him online. If you get a chance to visit Epcot, be sure to look for Duffy the Disney Bear. He is super-soft and cuddly and is the best travel buddy. He’s so cute with his mouse ear paws and face. Plus, he’s a snuggler! With Duffy the Disney Bear tagging along on your own travels, you’ll never be lonely.

Special thanks to Minnie Mouse and Disney Parks for sending us our very own Duffy the Disney Bear. He’s already been on a few excursions and we can’t wait to bring him with us on our trip to Walt Disney World next month.

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