The Rules of Punch Bug

You know you’ve been there and done that. One moment, you’re minding your own business driving down the road, and before you realize it, you are sporting an unfashionable bruise on your upper arm. PUNCH BUG! You’ve been hit and you didn’t even catch a glimpse of the vehicle in question.
There are many variations of this road game. I know, as my children make up their own rules. So here is a list of rules you can refer to when playing Punch Bug.
1. You can make up your own rules.
2. The vehicle must be a VW Beetle, either vintage or new.
3. The vehicle must be driving on the road, parked bugs do not count.
4. A punch can be saved, but must be used by the end of the road trip and cannot carry over.
5. Punches are like boomerangs (and Karma). It will come back to you. Be careful how hard you punch.
6. There are various ways to be exempt from a punch, but it must be announced out loud, such as: If you are wearing flowered underwear, then you can’t get punched. So then, if you happen to be wearing flowered underwear, then the punch will be served to someone else in the vehicle.
7. Mamas can always trump the rules.
8. If you are paying a note on a bug, then you are exempt from getting punched. If in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

There are a few places on the internet that list their own rules of Punch Bug, and it is even referred to as Slug Bug or Punch Buggy. Many of these sites list point values for various VWs. I prefer the Traveling Mamas version.

No matter what type of road trip game you play, the most important aspect is to have fun.

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  1. Fun post. I always called it Slug Bug, but I knew someone who called it Hug Bug – you guessed it, they were always going around hugging people as Bugs whizzed by.

  2. I love your artical! My sisters play this all the time and some how one always manages to find some way to tell on the other. Usaly, it sounds something like- “sisi! she hit me to hard!” Thanks for the “rules”!

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