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Traveling Mamas are women with a desire to share their travel experiences, inspiring others to see the world beyond their own backyard. We believe that travel is educational and makes us better citizens of our world. TravelingMamas.com was created by Louisiana travel writer and mom, Shannon Hurst Lane. The site launched in January 2008 as the first group travel blog written by moms offering free advice and inspirational travel experience stories.

Shannon created TravelingMamas.com as a positive outlet away from the stressful demands of her full time job in the fire service. The site ended up being more than just a hobby – it became a mission. Readers began to send emails thanking TravelingMamas.com for helping them make family travel memories to last a lifetime. The hobby turned into a business of providing an avenue to happiness and exploration for readers. If you’ve been contemplating taking a trip, be sure to read Shannon’s advice on why you shouldn’t wait to travel and also why she celebrates every day.

Today, Traveling Mamas can be found all over the globe with and without their kids in tow. You can connect and follow along as they Twitter and FaceBook their way around the world, sharing photos and tips from the road and providing post trip reports. Read about the contributors on the About page.

Here are some of the most helpful and popular articles, as chosen by our readers:

Finding an Adult Beverage at DisneyLet’s face it, sometimes Mama needs a cocktail!

Tips for Viewing Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – And check out the tips on free things to do in NYC while you’re there.

Thinking of cruising? Take a look at the best cruise lines for traveling with infants and toddlers. More of a romantic cruiser? Then head over to read about a romantic cruise.

There are so many stories and tips on the site to help you find cheap airline tickets or just to let you know about new travel deal sites that launch. Be sure to browse around the categories, such as Family Trips, Romantic Getaways, Girlfriend Trips, and Road Trips. The search bar is also a good way to find something in particular.

TravelingMamas.com loves reader feedback and questions – Just fill out the contact form, and one of the mamas will get your message. You can also sign up for the Traveling Mamas Travel Inspiration newsletter or like TravelingMamas on Facebook. Follow @TravelingMamas on Twitter or our current contributors: @Cajun_Mama (creator), @ThemeParkMom, @MommyMusings, @OneMomsWorld, & @CarolinaMama.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out TravelingMamas.com. We hope you find something useful by either taking a three minute virtual trip from your office cubicle or finding tips to help you plan that special vacation. And remember, half the fun of any trip is getting there. Make travel memories that last!

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