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Hotel Review: Silica Hotel Blue Lagoon

First opened in 2005 as the Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel, and later renamed Silica Hotel, this enchanting lodging facility offers an opportunity for guests of Blue Lagoon to experience sleeping in the iconic Icelandic lava fields in a relaxing and sustainable environment.

Silica Hotel Exterior

Silica Hotel at Blue Lagoon, located in Grindavik, is a 15-20 minute commute from Keflavik Airport. It offers three room options: Lava Deluxe, Mountain Deluxe, and Silica Deluxe. Each room has similar layout and amenities, with difference being the various views. We opted for a Silica Deluxe room for our first night in Iceland.

Our overnight Icelandair flight from Boston landed at 6:15am and we headed directly to Silica Hotel. While it was too early for our check in, breakfast was being served, which gave us an opportunity to decompress from traveling. Premium entry into The Blue Lagoon is included with each Silica Hotel stay. We grabbed our backpacks which we had prepared before travel that included our swimsuits, and took a stroll to experience one of National Geographic’s Wonders of the World.

The morning walk from Silica Hotel to the front entrance of The Blue Lagoon was otherworldly. The sun was trying to shine, however the clouds kept things misty and overcast. The path was through the lava field with streams of milky white silica and a light blue-gray reflection of the sky. Pathway lights highlighted the walkway and the quiet was tranquil in a still, calming way.

We entered The Blue Lagoon entrance and were escorted to the changing rooms and showers. The morning was spent experiencing this therapeutic attraction for the physical and mental health aspects, and to ease a bit of jet lag for the beginning of our Icelandic journey.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland

Our first 24 hours in Iceland was spent connecting with the energy of the island, disconnecting from our hectic every day lives, and recharging our internal batteries. Silica Hotel provided the perfect respite for first landing on this ethereal destination.

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