The Hook Up Restaurant on Biloxi’s Back Bay

It was a gorgeous and sunny day along the Gulf Coast and my parents had been pestering me to go to lunch with them in Biloxi. There was a new restaurant called The Hook Up they wanted to try, so I finally gave in when I had a free afternoon. I looked up the reviews of the place online and I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting much. But then I thought of all the times I’ve read negative hotel reviews about a property, only to find that I personally enjoyed the experience.

The Hook Up Bar and Restaurant Biloxi

We had a nice drive from the Baton Rouge area and followed the GPS to the Biloxi Boardwalk and Marina, which is the location of this bar and restaurant. It opened in October 2012 and the restaurant looked like a fun place for friends and drinks on a nice day. We were immediately seated inside and the place seemed pretty popular. Some of the diners were outside overlooking the water, but a cool front had come through overnight and the weather was a little too chilly for me. We opened our menus to order some starters and there was so much to choose from, we decided to try a few of the choices and share. It was a good bit of food, as you’ll see from all the photos.

When our starters arrived and I tasted the first bite of The Hookup’s specialty, Fayard Street Shrimp Bread, I think I actually sighed out loud. It was that good. I even asked the chef for the recipe, but he wouldn’t reveal his secret to what makes this particular appetizer so darn delicious.

Fayard Street Shrimp Bread

And we had the oyster sampler, which was a dozen of Oysters Rockefeller, Oyster Kilpatrick, Garlic Parmesan Oysters, and Oyster del Mar. Oh my goodness that could have been my meal right there. To get a full description of each, here’s The Hook Up’s Oyster Menu.

Oyster Sampler at The Hook Up Biloxi

Then came Bang Shrimp, D’s Fish Tacos, and Maple Street Crab Cakes. I would definitely order the Bang Shrimp again and the fish tacos were on par with the rest of the meal. However, I’m a bit critical when it comes to crab cakes and don’t think I’ll order that appetizer next time unless they change from where they source the crabmeat.

Appetizers at The Hook Up Biloxi

AND THEN I TASTED THE CF SPECIAL. OMG this was like a Gulf Coast version of poutine. It’s a plate of french fries topped with pulled beef pot roast in a gravy along with melted cheddar cheese. It was so good I could feel my arteries clogging up, but hey, some things are worth dying for.

CF Special - Gulf Coast Poutine

The appetizers were amazing, and I honestly didn’t know how I would manage surviving the main course. But somehow I did, thanks to the give in my waistband. I ordered a crab and cheese poboy, my mother went with the grilled catch of the day poboy, and my dad opted for the heart attack on a bun, the signature burger called The Hook Up. My poboy was okay, Mom’s was tasty, but my dad’s choice. Holy smokes! This burger boasted a patty that’s a 50/50 ratio of ground beef and GROUND BACON topped with cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and chipotle aioli. That’s right folks, not a mistype, THERE’S GROUND BACON IN THAT BURGER.

The Hook Up Burger

Did you think we would stop there? Of course not. I had my diabetic mother with me and she had already eyed the dessert menu like a pothead in an Amsterdam coffee shop. To compromise, we had one taste of the Biloxi Bread Pudding and the oh so yummy Mary Ellen Thornton Rosetti Pusharates.

The Hook Up Desserts

I couldn’t tell you about the ride back home because I had already succumbed to a major food coma as soon as we hit the interstate back to Baton Rouge. I will be going back, be it with my kids on a sunny summer day or on a weekend just because. I won’t be eating as much as I did this time, but now I know what to expect from this new restaurant on the Biloxi food scene. The menu is full of Old Biloxi cuisine and the atmosphere provides a new Biloxi view. On weekends live music can be found and the main deck is filled with laughter and good eats. The volleyball beach was almost complete while I was there and I have to admit, it’s a really cool place with very good food. Plus, the people working there were friendly and nice.

The Hook Up Bar and Restaurant
200 8th Street
Biloxi, MS 39530
For Reservations: (228) 432-5330

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