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Martha Stewart’s Mexico Journey

I don’t know about the other mamas, but I love Martha Stewart and all she represents. I think it is so awesome that she devoted an entire show to the Blogosphere. She’s upgraded to the WordPress format, just like us. Her blog offers fabulous tips and tricks and even has a post on how to get started blogging.

I browsed around and read a few of her travel posts. I really liked her entry on the hacienda she stayed in during her visit to the Yucatan. It offers more than 70 gorgeous inspiring photos, much unlike poor MountainMama’s trip to Puerto Vallarta.

So, go check it out The Martha Blog today!

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  1. You know, I used to really love Martha, and once I had children she kind of fell off my radar (no time to spend hours making pine cone wreaths like I did one Christmas). I really like her blog though – thanks for sharing.

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