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On the Move Approved: Walt Disney World with Kids 2009 and Giveaway

I recently was able to get my hands on a copy of Walt Disney World with Kids 2009 by Kim Wright Wiley. This Fodor’s guide to Orlando theme parks includes more than just info on Disney, but provides all the information needed to plan and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

It includes time and money saving tips, insider secrets, and scare factors for EVERY ride and venue, including those at Universal Orlando and Seaworld. I brought it around to show a few mom friends, and one gal who is planning a March visit to Disney World with her two year old REFUSED to give it back. She said the guide has answered every question she had about her trip.

I especially enjoyed the favorite attractions lists for kids of varying ages, the tips for pregnant guests, and suggestions on how to make a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary, event that much more memorable.

I can confidently say that this guide is one of the ultimate planning tools if you are considering a trip to Orlando. Don’t forget about the Disney Moms Panel for planning and that if you visit Disney World on your birthday, you can get in free! That’s why Walt Disney World for Kids 2009 is On the Move Approved.

How can you get a copy of your own? This book is available at most book stores, online, and five lucky readers can get their own copy right here! Just leave a comment telling us if you’ve ever been to Disney World, and if you have, please share a tip with our readers. Contest ends at midnight, Tuesday, October 28, 2008. Winners will be announced sometime on Winning Wednesday, October 29.

Regular TravelingMamas.com rules apply (no relatives, must be US citizen and 18 years old, one entry per email address).

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  1. I have been to Disney, but never taken the kids! The tip I heard (from a reliable source)was to always head to the left for lines because most everyone ventures to the right…and get a fast pass! It will be a lifesaver!

  2. I love Disney World and have been there many times. Always look for the single rider lines if you don’t mind sitting separately on a ride. It saves a lot of time. Thanks!

  3. I’ve been to DisneyWorld several times, most with my family. Our tips:

    Given a choice, take the line on the left. It tends to move faster because most people in the U.S. automatically go to the right.

  4. Hello moms!
    I`m a mom and step mother. We`re going to Disneyworld on december and i`d love to know how can i buy this guide one i`m in Brazil. Any sugestion?

    The other subject is that i have a blog (kisinrio.blogspot.com) wich gives advises and sugestions to anyone who have kids in their lives.
    I have received your blog from a friend living in Barcelona and I added your link as a sugestion in my blog and i`d like to know if we can exchange links and experiences. My blog is in portuguese, but i`d love to chat with u and use some of your information on my blog, if u let me!

    Best regards,
    Cynthia Jacques

  5. yes, have beeen, going again soon..

    tip sunscreen, socks, comfy shoes..do not try anything new when going there- no new shoes , etc..

    there are souv shops outside dw dl alot cheaper so save your bucks

  6. Stay at Fort Wilderness at Disney World. This way you can go shopping and have breakfast and dinner there everyday

  7. I highly recommend the disney dining plan. I find it very cost effective for the price…especially if you plan on having a sit down meal at a nice restaurant every night.

    Christmas time is wonderful there!!!

  8. I have been to Disney World and my advice is to spend as much time as possible there! I almost wouldn’t go if I couldn’t spend at least 6 days there. It’s fantastic! This book would help out!

  9. I have been to Disney my advice is don’t take the kids until they are 16 and can go off on their own and just meet for dinner.

  10. I’ve been to Disney World four times since ’99: two with school, two with family. I’ve also been on the Disney cruise.

    I definitely suggest that if you’re planning on being in a certain park for a long period of time, use the Fast Pass.

  11. I’ve been to Disneyworld once. If you are wheelchair bound, don’t bother with lines. Go straight to the front.

  12. We’ve been to Disney World 2 times. My biggest tip is to study the park maps and decide what things are must dos! Our first trip was a little crazy since I didn’t know where everything was and our kids were nervous about most of the rides. 🙂

  13. I went in 99 to WDW. Stay out of the WDW budget hotels if at all possible. UPGRADE. I know even the budget “family” resorts at WDW are expensive, but if you can make it try at least a Moderate resort. You will be glad you did!

  14. Thank you so much for this giveaway. This book look wonderful. We went to Disney last year and my best tip is to bring a backpack filled with bottled water and snacks to keep costs down. Another tip is to bring rain poncho’s the type that are disposable, so nothing stops your good time. Thanks so much.

  15. I would love to have this book. My family was very lucky to be able to take the trip of a lifetime to Walt Disney World two years ago. We had a great time. My best advice is to talk to all of the Cast Mambers that you can find. This is the best way to find out hidden secrets and have very magical moments.

  16. My parents took me to Disney World when I was 4 yrs old. Kind of hard for me to give a tip based on recent experience. But I would say just from researching, that it’s a good idea to thoroughly check out prices/deals online before going there. Thanks for the contest.

  17. Had a wonderful vacation at WDW December 07. My husband and I, 3 daughters 2 sons-in-law 5 grandchildren ages 9,9,6,6{celebated birhday there}and a 1 year old. My tip is not to get stressed out. Just go with the attitude that you are going to leave all worries behind at home. They will most certainly be there when you return. Have fun and enjoy yor family!!

  18. I have been to Disney World….and would love to go again. I think my best tip I could offer would be to wear comfortable shoes and have fun!

  19. Recent photo and EVERYONE in matching shirts. So if someone like a parent wanders away. A helpful security guard can find the parent quickly.

  20. I’ve been to Disney many times as an adult and child. Find a good travel agent! They know Disney inside and out! They can make all your reservations including dining and their service does not cost extra!

  21. I’ve been to Disney before and my tip is don’t go unless you like kids. I dont so therefore I hate Disney.

  22. I havne’t had the pleasure of visiting The World….yet. But I’m planning & dreaming for when I do get to go.

  23. Have been there once, don’t miss the fireworks at the end of the night! Bring sunscreen, and rent or bring a cart/carriage, to carry your stuff or tired kids!

  24. Uncle worked there, therefore we all went every chance we got (for free)
    Oh those were the days my friend!
    Have a wheelchair if you do not want to stand in the lines for a long long time.
    Wear really good shoes.

  25. OUr family went last summer. We each took water bottles with calibiners to attach them to belts or beltloops. REfill the water at fountains in the park and save a lot of money on drinks. Don’t like the taste? (Florida’s not know for great tasting water.) We took Crystal lIght To-Go packets. (Kool Aid and many others also make those individual packets, perfect for the water bottle.)

  26. We have been to Disney World many times. If you are going only once, make sure you go in the off season otherwise the lines are horrendous. Also, no need to lug around water bottles, as you can get a free glass of water at any food establishment (including carts).

  27. I’ve been once a few years ago. Most people start with the attractions at the front of the park and work their way to the back. A tip I received was to start at the back and work to the front and the lines will be shorter.

  28. We go every year for two weeks to Kissimmee. My best tip is to go during the winter after New Year’s week is over. The weather is fantastic, and the lines are short.

  29. I have been to Disney World over 15 times and I can’t wait to go again this year– this time bringing my neices who are 3 & 4. My best tip is to bring in things like the autograph book and rain gear into the park, so you don’t get hit with those expenses in the park. The kids will always want to buy something, but those are highly marked up!

  30. I have yet to take my 5 year old to Disney World. It’s a bit overwhelming and this book sounds like it would help immensely!

  31. I have never been and it has always been a dream
    of mine to go. I am now 42 and love disney as much as i did when I was 5 I would love to go as I have never been anywhere but home

  32. We just got back from Disney World in late September. Remember, make reservations to eat before you go. You save time and $$!

  33. I have been to Disneyworld twice in my life. Once was when I was in the 2nd grade and again at age 11. I am 29 now and I plan on going back my for 30th birthda in 2009. I can’t wait!!

  34. We are taking our little kids to Disney for the first time this April, so I’m the one who needs the tip! This book would be great for our first Disney vacation.

  35. WE have never been to Disney World but plan to go in the next couple years during the summer. We live in Budapest and are busy hitting the Legolands in Munich and Denmark. If you have any questions email.

  36. We live in Florida and have been many times. The best thing to do there is get a fast pass for the attraction you want to go on most. The lines can be long otherwise.

  37. We’ve been there twice and definitely recommend bringing a fold-up stroller for little ones

  38. I was at WDW the week it opened when I was a kid. Best tip: Lines don’t seem onerous if you think you are getting first crack at something.

    Then I lived near Disneyland in California for 2 years in my 20s and overdosed on it – everyone who came to visit me (usually from East Coast) wanted to go. Tip: Buy a season pass.

    We took our 3-year-old to the California park when I was pregnant. Best “tip” which we learned by accident: always bring along the grandparents, who can pinch hit and seem to never get tired of going on the sillier rides w/their grandchild.

    Kidding aside, I don’t have any great WDW tips, except patience, a childlike wonder, and the ability to say to yourself, “it’s OK if I don’t see/do/experience/eat everything that’s here.”

    Less is often more then enough.

  39. I’ve been. What we learned was to get up and go when park opens, go back to the hotel for lunch and naps and then go back. that way everyone is fresh all day and no one ends up crying they missed fireworks or gets crabby standing in lines at the busiest part of the day. food in the park is also expensive so eating lunch in hotel was a better deal.

  40. I have been to Disney World MANY times and I’m taking my 3 year old for the first time in January.

    My advice: you can order OFF of the menu. You don’t have to get the meal. Order a double cheeseburger and ask for a 2nd bun (50 cents). You can eat SUPER cheap!

  41. Been to Disney 5 times – once as a child, 3 times with my son – who is now a freshman in college – and once with my daughter who is now 3 (I am starting all over!)

    My tips would be to do the meal plan if available, and plan an itinerary – list the most important rides/shows/things to do…you may not be able to do it all in one trip but at least you can cover everyone’s favorites!

  42. My husband and I went a lot before we had our son. He’s almost 5 and we’ll all be going in early December. We always used the FastPass system and it worked great. I need some advice for bringing a child to Disney and the book looks like it would help me out a lot.

  43. We just got back in August (our 8th trip) with our three kids and are looking into becoming DVC members after staying at the Saratoga Springs resort – we LOVED it. We cannot wait to go back and this book would be helpful! I’d love to win!

  44. I’ve been to Disney World once, but I was only 7, so I don’t really have any tips to share. We’re hoping to take our kids there next summer, so I appreciate all the tips everyone else has posted!

  45. I have been and I can tell you, take it slow, don’t try to do everything. Get up early, go back to the hotel, take a rest and then go back and enjoy the fireworks. Also fast pass fast pass fast pass!!!

  46. My wife and I both have issues with walking, but we had never been to Disney World. Although we were both pushing 60 we can’t handle many of the rides but we do enjoy the shows and the beauty of the park. If I had one tip it would have to be, if you need help getting around, bring motility devices with you to the park. We spent several days at the various Disney Parks and renting motorized carts to get around each day was our biggest expense.

  47. I have never been there, would love to go now. Couldnt when i was a child. BUt would love to go now with our family. we have talked about it but not at this time 🙂

  48. I’ve been going to Disney World since I was a little girl and the last time I went was for my honeymoon. The best thing to do is to go early in the day and get fast passes for any ride that is very popular (it’s SOOO worth it). They go pretty fast.

    Also, be prepared to do a lot of walking, especially in Animal Kingdom.

    And try not to go when everyone is on vacation. My honeymoon started on Memorial Day and that day it was so packed with people. However, the rest of the week was pretty manageable.

    I usually have a game plan prior to going though I leave room for game changers. We only had 5 days so we divided up the days based on each of the parks and then saved the last day for the Disney village and if we wanted to catch something we missed before at other parks. It was fantastic!

    I’m so looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to enjoy it (maybe when she’s 6 or 7?) and take her there.

  49. Arrive at the parks at rope drop. Even at the height of the season, you will be able to ride your favorite rides if you arrive at rope drop. Eat lunch and then return to your Hotel. Return in the evening after the heat has lessoned. Also, if you are traveling with friends, use Photopass and share the cost. We used Photopass this year and it was the first time we had family shots. We went with friends and shared to cost. The more friends, the lower the cost. There is no limit on the phots you get taken.

  50. We’d love the book! We have been and are going back next year. Our best advise seems a bit odd, but it would be to let the kids sleep late and stay up late. If you go back to your hotel early, it can be hard to put the kids to bed, so we just stayed at the parks until they closed. At night it was cooler and there were less people. Then we would let the kids sleep in!

  51. Disney World has been our best family vacation so far. Our kids were 4 and 7. I would suggest staying on property-transportation is easy, and you can come and go for lunch, naps, etc.

  52. As an Aunt to 4 nephews and 5 nieces, make sure you get a Park Hopper added to your tickets. If the kids, or you, have a melt down, or they go to a park that closes early,( Animal Kingdom) you will love the freedom to come and go to any park any time of day or night. If you stay at a resort on property, you get extra magic hours too! Fun Fun Fun!

  53. I’ve been in Disneyland when I was a kid… so it’s been years, right now I have my own baby and a wife from Poland – I know, it would be great suprise to show them something I grew up with. WEE Mickey!

  54. I went to Disney World on spring vacation in college; do Magic Mountain as often as possible!

  55. I have to been to disney world three times and I still love it and havent done everything. My tip is to get the fast passes for the rides. 🙂

  56. The best thing we ever did was to stay on property so that we could quickly get back to the hotel for rests and naps. It couldn’t have worked out better.

  57. I’ve been to Disney but never with kids. I did go with my mom a few years ago and would definitely recommend staying on the Disney property. We stayed at an outside hotel and the shuttle buses just weren’t as convenient as we had hoped. Next time, we’ll stay on the property.

  58. We are taking our kids to Disney for the first time in September, so I could really use this book.

  59. Yes, stay on the property so you cna take a nap and don’t make the trip too long

  60. I have been to Disney. We love it. Make sure you use the child swap system if you have young kids. The older kids can get on with both parents. My 10 year old loved it.

  61. When we went years ago, we learned 2 things- wear comfortable shoes, and remember where you park your car.

  62. Haven’t been to DisneyWorld yet. First trip scheduled for March for National cheer competition. Would love this book to make the best use of our time there. Thanks

  63. Stay at the Contemporary Hotel at Disney World and go to the parks early in the morning and late in the evening, with a nap in the afternoon when it is the hottest and most crowded. Go in early December when the weather is great and there are no lines.

  64. We’ve been a couple of times. If you are staying at a Disney hotel, be sure to take advantage of the extra magic hours either in the morning or evening.

  65. We’ve been to Disney World one time and found that with younger kids you should stick to Magic & Animal Kingdom until the kids get a little bit older. Also FAST PASS all the way! This helps with planning and getting the most out of your visit to the parks. Can’t wait to get back!

  66. We’ve taken the kids to both Disneyland and Disney World and love them both. I have found that one of the best and least expensive souvenirs are pressed pennies. For 50 cents, my kids can take home a souvenir that they “created” themselves (sort of). They love running around the parks looking for the penny machines.

  67. I have gone before and my advice is try to go for a week so you can try the different parks for a whole day each.

  68. I have. Stay at one of the Disney hotels in the park. You get perks such as easier access tothe rides.

  69. Disney World is a wonderful place to visit with your family and friends. It is a joyous place to create many wonderful memories. There is so much to see in each individual park that it takes at least a day to experience each park fully. Also, wear comfortable clothing according to the weather. I enjoy using the FastPass, because it saves time. Staying at one the the onsite Disney hotels makes your stay more enjoyable as well.

  70. I have been many times, but only stayed at the Disney resorts once. (The Polynesian…pure heaven!) My tip is to bring a set of Disney Princess storybooks (Little Golden Books has a set of them for a very reasonable price.) That way, the princesses can autograph the story book at restaurants or meet and greets. When you get back home, you’ll relive the memories every time you read it to your little princess. When we took ours there, the Disney princesses were all very pleased to autograph them and most gave it a princess kiss!

  71. My husband & I went on our honeymoon & it was so much fun. We stayed on WDW property and my advice is to definately upgrade, we were on concierge level and they bent over backwards to make sure we were comfortable, also you get free snacks, breakfast & free drinks in the evening. While we were there Hurricane Jeanne hit and we never felt so safe!!! The staff made sure we were always in the know about everything and they planned tons of indoor activities w/all the families there w/children. (We didn’t have children yet). I would love to win this to return in style w/my husband, son & daughter.

  72. Oh I love Disney World!! It is truely the most magical place on earth.
    My tip would be to book the fantasmic dinner package. It doesn’t cost any more then a regular dinner and you get to take the back entrance into fantasmic instead of waiting in that L-O-N-G line.
    Another tip? Look for deals around May-June for a August-October vacation. You can get some great prices going off season and usually it will include the dining package!

  73. I have never been to Disney World, but I can’t wait to take my new little one once he/she is born!

  74. If you can afford it, the Vacation Club Villas (open for general reservations) are great for those with young kids. When my daughter was 2 1/2, we stayed at the Beach Club Villas and had a full kitchen, where we ate a lot of breakfasts, and a couple lunch/dinners, and a bedroom where she could nap/sleep and we could stay awake.

  75. I’m a WDW veteran! The best tip I can think of is a simple one. Get up early enough to be there when the park opens. You’ll get 2-3 times as much done compared to being there later. Once the crowds pick up and the heat is blazing go back to your hotel for a nice loooong nap. Around 5 or 6 in the evening you and the kiddos are recharged and ready to tackle the park with your second wind!

  76. We have been there, and are going again!! One of the things we learned when our daughter was small was “parent swap” You could tell them that when it is your turn to ride a ride which your children can’t go on – the cast member takes the other parent and children to the inside exit, to wait for the other parent then you switch and the parent that was waiting gets to go right to the front of the line for the ride. (did that make any sense? LOL).

  77. I have only been to Walt Disney World before kids. My only advice for parents is to pack your patience and go at the kids’ pace. There were so many kids melting down — I remember feeling bad for the parents who obviously only wanted a great vacation for their families. Thanks for a great contest!

  78. Do NOT look up when the seagulls are circling the hotdog cart. Bad news, folks. Very bad news.

  79. That is one of our favorite places to vacation, Universal Studies is a close second, this book would come in so handy, thank you.

  80. I grew up at Walt Disney World but last year was our first time taking my step kids (then 10&7)and our new 1year old. Everything was just amazing to them from the ferry’s to the fireworks!! They got to be in the Pirates Street Show which was one of their best experiences and it was free. They did the shows about every hour and just picked kids from the crowed. They got certificates and really felt like they got to meet Captin Jack!!!

  81. Do Not go during the week of Christmas! it is a nightmare:( the parks are oversold, the popular rides are hours long and the crowds are unbearable! we have been to disney world 4 times and have loved every time, except christmas. my husband and i would literally go to the park that had extended hours that evening for on property guests and get a fastpass for all of our kids (4 teens) while they slept in, & return at designated times (some were 7 -8 hours later!!!) Transportation was so crowded we paid for a taxi most days.
    on a good note: stay at the POLYNESIAN and request a room near transportation. this is awesome, b/c you can ride the boat, bus, tram, or the small boats to magic kingdom. our room was literally only a few steps to the transportation system. it did take us 2 days to realize this, however !!! haha
    be on the beach for the fireworks~they are amazing from “the hill” and although you can not hear the music from magic kingdom, the lake has a show of it’s own. get a disney visa, earn 1% rewards and purchase everything disney with reward $s…even air (if booked thru disney)

  82. I am going on Oct. 23 with my entire family….12 all together and can’t wait. My tip is to take a phone picture of each of your children every morning before going into the park. This way, God forbid, they should wander away, you don’t have to be worried about remembering what color shirt or shorts they were wearing that day. It could be a life saver!

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