2012 Travel Prediction: The Year of Being Grounded

It’s that time of year when people reflect on what’s passed, they make resolutions for the New Year, and make predictions of what the next year will bring. My prediction on how Americans will travel in 2012 isn’t just about one theme, such as The Year of the Passport or Celebration Vacations, but more on the mode of transport.

2012 is The Year of Being Grounded.

We’re fed up with TSA molestation and Airlines squeezing every dollar out of our pockets, even after our flight fare has been purchased. This doesn’t mean that everyone will choose not to fly, because sometimes it’s just practical to fly to a destination, but I predict that more people will choose to take the train, a cruise from a port they can drive to, and road trips in general for their vacations.

Hell Grand Cayman

Let’s face it, how your holiday starts out sets the tone for the entire trip. If you get delayed or hassled before you even leave your home city, it just frustrates you. You not only pass that frustration on to those around you, but even when you finally arrive at your destination many travelers take it out on the reception desk employee at their resort or hotel.

Family Travel Train Trip Holiday on AmtrakThose holiday news stories that showed smooth security lines at the airports and no wait in line? That’s because travelers opted to drive or travel by train. Not surprising, Amtrak recently released numbers showing a record Thanksgiving with more travelers taking the train on Thanksgiving Day than ever before.

According to a recent survey conducted by Princess Cruises, Americans choose travel as tops on their bucket list of life goals. 92 percent of those surveyed think they will accomplish this goal in 2012. The question remains, what mode of transportation will they choose?

train travel

Note: I am not opposed to flying and will probably take a few flights in 2012, but the honeymoon is definitely over with the airline industry. Flying to a destination used to be exciting and fun, but in today’s travel climate, taking a domestic flight in the US is akin to riding a public bus.

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